Shout Box Sound Effect

Posted By: M4TT

Shout Box Sound Effect - 11/30/17 01:28 AM

Hi everyone,

Remember the good old days of MSN Messenger, AOL, Yahoo Messenger? They usually had a new message received sound effect. Facebook and other apps usually have one too and I thought it would be cool to have a feature added to the Shout Box, when someone sends a new shout, a simple sound would ding. Anyways, just a suggestion! smile Even a ding for the messages feature would be cool too. "You've got mail" xD
Posted By: Ruben

Re: Shout Box Sound Effect - 12/02/17 08:40 PM

There was a mod many versions ago that had a popup dialog. So I assume with some coding playing a wav file would be no different. But mods are not supported here so you should ask at ubbdev.com
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