Author Content Portrait Avatars

Posted By: M4TT

Author Content Portrait Avatars - 03/17/2019 1:12 AM

Hi guys,

When a user uploads an avatar, I've noticed that they now all appear square in posts, regardless of setting the Membership > Profile Settings > Avatar Image Max Height with more length (I have it set at 280 pixels).

Can we support portrait avatars, if author content is on the side when in desktop/tablet mode? I understand that if it's viewed from a phone, it prevents the image from going over, because author content ends up at the top rather than the side. As for non-users and users not using avatars, the square is perfectly fine. smile

I see that the Member Spotlight and Profile displays portrait avatars no problem...
Posted By: isaac

Re: Author Content Portrait Avatars - 04/01/2019 6:32 AM

No problems with portrait avatar images. But the avatar needs to be rectangular when it is uploaded.

For example, my Avatar here on UBBCentral is retangular.
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