Not synchronizing: database/guest post time bug?

Posted By: M4TT

Not synchronizing: database/guest post time bug? - 10/20/17 01:29 AM


I've made a few recent posts on my forum and for example, when I view the post, it says it was created 1 hour ago, but on the category/forum listing view, the timestamp says it was made Yesterday at some random hour and time... I tried rebuilding forums and it didn't fix the time.

My Date & Time Settings:

Timezone For Guests
All times will be displayed to guests as if they were in this timezone.

Database Time: 20/10/17 1:28 AM
Database Timezone: UTC

Guest Time: 19/10/17 7:28 PM
Guest Timezone: America/Regina

Difference in hours: -6

Default Time Format

D M d, Y | g:i A

Available Time Formats

y/m/d | g:i A
d/m/y | g:i A
d/m/Y | H:i
D M d, Y | g:i A
m/d/y | g:i A
n/j/Y | g:i A
n/j/Y | H:i
Y-m-d | g:i A
Y-m-d | H:i

Use Relative Timestamps For Guests

Posted By: isaac

Re: Database/Guest Post Time Bug? - 10/20/17 02:04 AM

The math seems fine to me.

Database Time of:
10/20 1:28 AM -- UTC TIME

6 hours -- America/Regina, aka, Capitol of Saskatchewan, Canada

10/19 7:28 PM -- Time displayed to guests


By using relative time stamps, you are choosing to display times as hours/minutes RELATIVE to whatever the user's current time is. So, if you posted something an hour ago, it will display in relative time as, "1 hour ago" regardless of whatever you've set timezone to.

But if you disabled relative time stamps, each user would see the posted time (UTC) translated to match their current time offset. Guests would use the time offset you've preselected for them. In this case, you've selected "UTC-06:00 - America/Regina" for your guests.
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