Images not displaying in-line.

Posted By: Geoff

Images not displaying in-line. - 01/03/18 08:54 PM

What would be causing attachment manager images to not appear? I can reload the page and some will appear while others will disappear or stay visable.

Description: Image file did not load
Attached picture 2BFCE73A-C867-4F73-A7EF-C2CB2C61DEFC.png

Description: Image loads when clicked
Attached picture 369E74F3-2BBE-4034-AC5E-670ED304AC9F.jpeg
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Images not displaying in-line. - 01/03/18 09:52 PM

In the Control Panel, what is your setting for inline attachments? Images greater than the inline attachment value will not display inline.

CP -> Display Settings -> General -> Topic & Post Page Settings
Max File Size for Displaying Uploaded Images Inline
If an image is attached to the post, and if it is smaller than the specified size, it will be displayed in the post. Do not use commas. You may use decimal places, such as 0.5, to specify half of a MegaByte.
Note: 1 MB = 1,048,576 Bytes.
Posted By: Geoff

Re: Images not displaying in-line. - 01/03/18 09:58 PM

Some reason it was entered as 9.5367431...

What is recommended?
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Images not displaying in-line. - 01/03/18 10:00 PM

It's up to you how large of images you wish to display in line; for obvious reasons you wouldn't want a slew of 8mb images all loading on one page.
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