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PLEASE HELP - 04/07/02 05:42 AM

I got this error when trying to access my message board today:

"Software error:

Could not perform buffered print to '/home/www/keithurbanfans.com/ubb/cache-PJ2NKZNP/ubb_files/counter/2002-04-dynamic.cgi'. The disk is out of space. Please ask the administrator to contact the web hosting provider. The exact error returned by the operating system is: No space left on device Here is the backtrace: Backtrace: ubb_lib_filehandle.cgi:443 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::tracer Backtrace: ubb_lib_filehandle.cgi:121 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::__ANON__ Backtrace: ubb_lib.cgi:708 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::print Backtrace: ultimatebb.cgi:166 -> sub main::hit_me
For help, please send mail to the webmaster (root@keithurbanfans.com), giving this error message and the time and date of the error. "


My board has been working fine forever, I dont know why this happened? Does this have to do with my web host? I upgraded my space, so I dont see how space can be a problem! Any help would be great?
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Re: PLEASE HELP - 04/07/02 05:53 AM

Ensure that there is actually free space available on your server. Sometimes it will take sometime before a web host can update the storage allotment.

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Re: PLEASE HELP - 04/07/02 03:41 PM

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