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Help with Private Messages - 09/26/01 12:51 AM

Well, I posted this yesterday and instead of getting an answer, the thread got closed - so here we go again...

I understand that private messages that _I_ SEND will not be stored - but what about private messages that I've RECEVIED? when I reply to the person who sent it to me - THAT person's original message is deleted. Is that intentional????

I'd like to have it so that after I read my private messages (or any of my users) they remain stored in the private message in-box until they are manually deleted.

Can I do this???

Please help
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Re: Help with Private Messages - 09/26/01 01:12 AM

See, that isn't true anymore.

Starting in 6.1:
PMs that are sent are kept in the outbox.
PMs that you reply to should be kept there as well, since they're just like sent PMs.

Key part in that answer is "starting in 6.1" which means you have to be running beta software at this point...

(And now moving to 6HDI since UBB5 doesn't even have PMs).

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