Posted By: Anonymous 6.3.1 BR1 errors [NOTABUG] - 07/12/2002 6:19 AM
1. I exported my style template from 6.3.0:

Export complete. The file has been saved as /styles/importexport/vars_style_export.cgi in your NonCGI directory.

I copied the above file over to my test ubb and tried to import my style and get:

I can't overwrite an existing style template (number 2). Your style template list is out of synch with the actual number of style templates.

2. I have 2989 topics in my first forum, which is 72 pages. In 6.3.1 BR1, it will only list 30 pages.

Production UBB is http://ubb.turboford.org
Test/Upgrade UBB is http://oldubb.turboford.org

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Posted By: Anonymous Re: 6.3.1 BR1 errors [NOTABUG] - 07/12/2002 3:33 PM
That error message means that you have a vars_style_2.cgi in your noncgi/styles directory, even though the style template list (variables/vars_style_sets.cgi) does not have a record for it. When it goes to try and write out a new copy of _2, it finds there's one there and panics.

Deleting vars_style_2.cgi should fix that problem.

The second issue... rebuild forum stats?

Charles Capps
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Posted By: Anonymous Re: 6.3.1 BR1 errors [NOTABUG] - 07/12/2002 5:04 PM
Ok, I got my style working, thanks!

#2 was my own fault, page view set at 45 days, not ALL topics...no fault <img src="https://www.ubbcentral.com/boards/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Here is a suggestion that would help me out a bunch! In the Move topics feature, I would like to be able to see how many replies are associated with each topic. A simple number of replies column would be AWESOME!!!
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