Posted By: noox [NOTABUG] 6.7.0 No longer allows admin access? - 10/18/2004 2:03 AM
Been runing 6.7.0 for about a year now with no issues.

My user name is the admin as well as 2 others on the board. Recently I noticed that I cant access the board control panel under my regular user name. Its says "you dont have permission to do that". I accessed the control panel via ADMIN (another user admin name) and removed my rehular user as ADMINISTRATOR and then "made" the user administrator again. I still can not access the control panel as admin under that user name. I keep getting the "you dont have permisson" message.

When I access the server 'users' directory and view the user file it does says "Write&admin" which means I should be an admin.

Ever seen this happen before?

My user is also a moderator and this function still works.
Are you sure it's "Write&Admin"? The proper order is "WriteAdmin&" or "AdminWrite&" - the position of the ampersand makes a large difference.

The only way "Write&Admin" could come about would be if the file was manually edited.

In addition to that, the "Admin" must be capitalized, and the user status must be "Administrator"
That was my error in typing. Below is a copy direct from the user profile for my usual board name:


That info is on line 5 of the user file

This is what was done recently prior to this error:

1) I noticed that my user was removed from the moderator list on all forums. Its my site, my board, but I have other admins helping me out. I figured it was a joke so I re-added myself as moderator and removed 1 of the other guys from the moderator list. He swears he did not remove my user name so I figured it was an odd glitch

2) I then pruned a few thousand topics and moved them to an archive forum (read only). I then rebuilt all the forum stats and member stats and all that fun stuff. The board ran a little bit smoother with the lack of posts in certain forums. This process took more than an hour and my dsl crapped out at 1 point so I reloaded whatever page was froze and the rebuilding continued

I was able to access the board as the admin using my regular user name for about 1 week. Then I posted this.

I am currently accessing the board under a very old user name which still had admin rights.

My worry is that this glitch will spread to other users and then there will be NO admin access. ahaahha. Fun fun fun.

I will also mention this: My user profile is 1700 bytes in size. The largest but not by much. It has been this size for like 4 years. I am able to update the profile so its not a permissions issue
Run a search in your control panel for all admin users - does the user that can't log in have admin rights according to the search?
Interesting, not listed. Only the other admins are there and the OLD admin I am using.

In the users profile is says:

User status: Administrator
Under OTHER PERMISSONS, User is Administrator is selected
Rebuild member memberdata (under the maintenance menu), then re-run the search - does the account show up then?
Hmm, didnt work. This user is also not shown as ADMIN or MODERATOR (in the search) even though the user name shows on the forums in the moderator list as well as in the MODERATOR SETTINGS in the control panel.

But WOW, did your suggestions help in the solution:

It turns out there were 2 users under the same login name, same public name (Identical even to the upper and lower case letters), but each was a different member number, different access rights, different post count etc.

1 was the user I use daily and the other, it appears, I created many years ago as member #260. This unused user was the only one showing in searches through the admin panel when I search by login name. Since it was the same login name, the result was technically correct. My actual profile would not show in the results. And "my" profile wasnt being seen for admin privelages since this duplicate was somehow surfacing

I deleted this outdated user, which had zero posts and no activity, and then the other user was relisted with all permissions. The control panel did not accidentally delete BOTH users (it seems to delete by user number even though it shows you the NAME before it deletes)

So it appears that somehow a user with a matching user login/public name was in the member list. It took several years for this error to surface and cause glitches.

Works now.
Aha! Yes, that would do it. Now, I wonder how that second user was allowed to exist in the first place, no less how you were allowed to log in to it...
I might have accessed 1 of the members cgi files many years ago, not knowing there already existed a user under the same name, and renamed the user to what I wanted (thereby creating duplicates). I basically changed "userX" into "My Name" when I already had a user "My Name". Its been so long but I do remember accessing some cgi files for certain members for faster editing. Doing it through ftp bypasses all ubb protection against errors like this.

A belated oops
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