Posted By: Scotty Sub Forums - 09/11/2014 3:23 PM
I have tried to do a search before posting this.

I am pretty disappointed in how sub forums are displayed on the main page. It's like they are an after thought. Sub forums are VERY powerful and to have them enabled under main headings means the overall layout is cleaner. The issue with UBB is the fact you can hardly see the fact there's one actually there. Until you click the "parent" or main thread it's not obvious.

It might be an idea to address this going forwards in your next update. This is where the likes of IP.Board just smash UBB.

I have both boards for different sites I run and prefer UBB on the whole... but with sub forums being such a massive deference I prefer IP.Board for this reason.
Posted By: isaac Re: Sub Forums - 09/11/2014 3:29 PM
RE: Sub-forum

In templates/default/forums.tpl, find the line with "{$lang.SUBFORUMS}" in it. Customize its html to display exactly as you want.

I am looking at http://community.invisionpower.com/ and at first glance, I find nothing "smashing" about the way they present sub-forums. Can you elaborate?
Posted By: Gizmo Re: Sub Forums - 09/11/2014 8:13 PM
wrap it in a div and style it in the style editor... You could make it look quite nice very quickly
Posted By: Ruben Re: Sub Forums - 09/11/2014 8:15 PM
I tend to agree with ID242.
I see nothing special.
Other than the formatting/style is slightly different.
And/or the style is different.
Which can be edited.
Or possibly you are looking at it does not state sub-forums.
Which also can be edited, by using the language files, in addition to the template files.
On both sites you can see in forum summary that there are subforums.
When you elect that forum you can see sub-forums.

What ????
Posted By: Gizmo Re: Sub Forums - 09/11/2014 11:16 PM
I made the modification [7.x] Subforum Highlights today to allow admin's to style how their subforums display; we're running it on UBBDev now (and trying to work out one small kink).
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