Posted By: Ruben Is AhrefsBot benificial? - 04/27/2019 4:52 PM
I have a site that is just crawled to death by AhrefsBot.
Every day when I view WOL at least 300 minimum by the same bot.
I looked them up
They do respect robots.txt.
But it appears it is a bot for marketing research only

Does this bot do any good for me?

Seems to me it does not help for search engine indexing for visitor traffic.


This site has the bulk of the bots as AhrefsBot..
Posted By: Gizmo Re: Is AhrefsBot benificial? - 04/28/2019 1:52 AM
They're basically scanning your site for pages/sites you link to, and displaying data to their subscribers; it's likely not much benefit to you or your site, but to advertisers or your competitors it could be an SEO marketing tool.

It won't affect your search engine ranking anywhere to ban them, and may even speed up your site by not having them wasting your bandwidth for their service that you'll likely never use.
Posted By: Ruben Re: Is AhrefsBot benificial? - 04/28/2019 3:34 PM
That's what I found out from my research.

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