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Posted By: ekempter

Feature questions - 11/17/17 01:11 AM


I'm not exactly new as I have been gone since 2013 when my mods were no longer supported. I bought my wwwthreads license in 2001. I am considering coming back but a few questions please:

1. Is pay per post supported? I need to be able to charge a customer for each post that they make to a specific forum (the others are no charge). After payment is verified, we approve the post.
2. Is there any digest or mailing list functionality?
3. Is there a vbulletin 4.x import script on the horizon?

Thanks in advance!

Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Feature questions - 11/17/17 05:30 AM

1. There is a "subscription groups" feature to charge for membership levels, but there is no permission to charge per posting.
2. You can export a listing of user emails which you can import into a mailing list; I would avise against trying to send mass mails with UBB.threads as you'll likely get your forum emails tagged as spam.
3. The member area has a vBulletin 3.8 importer; when we do have time to work on additional importing coding it'd likely be against the latest forum database schema.
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