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Crownvic.net - 02/05/2009 2:44 AM


We have used UBB for many years, starting with Classic. We outgrew that, and switched to Threads. We are a few revisions behind, but I hope to catch up before too long.

The site is dedicated to the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis & Marauder, and Lincoln Town Car, from 1979 to present.

Suggestions, of course, are always welcomed!

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Re: Crownvic.net - 02/09/2009 6:15 PM

Being a "Ford Guy" I have always liked your web site. Though I am not a member I spent some time checking it out back when I was developing the DTS web site. I don't know what you have done with the site but I remember there being a lot more content? All I see now if the forums. Articles, rally news and members rides if I recall...
Posted By: SteveS

Re: Crownvic.net - 02/09/2009 8:04 PM

The content is about the same, although it may be spread out differently. There is still a members' cars forum, and I added a couple of galleries when that feature came along. We also have a club section on Supermotors. We were directly involved in One Lap of America a couple of times, so that forum is there, and we have a regional section that I am about to redo.

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