Posted By: Hook them Lipps donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 03/17/2010 2:25 AM
This is my first forum I have created. Please let me know of any suggestions you have. I plan on making it better all the time. Feel free to be a member and let me know how your adventures are going.
Posted By: Hook them Lipps Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 03/18/2010 3:02 AM
This is the link Do Northwest Outdoors
Posted By: Hook them Lipps Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 04/28/2010 4:37 AM
I am doing a outdoor photo contest on my site for anyone interested.
Posted By: Bad Frog Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 06/13/2010 4:26 PM
site looks good, keep up the good work :-)
Posted By: Hook them Lipps Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 07/23/2010 6:06 AM
Thanks for the reply. It is a slow road getting people involved but since I love what my site is about I'm sure it will pick up sooner or later. If anyone has advise let me know.
Posted By: CampingPA Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 07/23/2010 7:41 PM
Very Nice site...

Looks good...

Mine was new too, and its frustrating sitting there waiting for new members, but it will come with time...

The part that drives me crazy is that I have over 42,000 page hits / day and only 376 members... :lol:

Keep up the good work !
Posted By: Mitch P. Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 07/25/2010 2:23 PM
Try taking out small ads in next year's fishing/hunting regulations guides for the states in your area.

Contact some of the state wild life agencies and get on their email lists.
1. It will help you provide valuable content to your members
2. You might find a wildlife employee or two willing to post on your site. I have a guy on my site who interacts with the users and provides great info. And, it adds credibility to your site.

Finally, you might want to consider simplifying your name to just "Northwest Outdoors"

I've been slowly growing my site since 2001.

Sometimes slow is best. Never ever stoop to posting on other similar forums to draw attention to yours (unless you get permission first.)
Posted By: Hook them Lipps Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 07/26/2010 5:24 AM
great ideas I am sorta just using it for a journal right now. I have some friends that keep in contact with me through it. I like the idea of getting the wildlife guys on it. Ideas are the hardest part.

I have been tempted to do some of the tricks I've heard like making several domain names and posting to other simular sites but it just isn't the whole point.

I do write my web address in my signiture but I don't know if it helps. I think I've got most of my traffic from this site actually so thanks for all the attention everyone. I am thinking about google ad sense but havn't been able to. The biggest thing I have going for the site is that I love it.

Thanks again and I would definatly recomment UBB to anyone.
Posted By: Hook them Lipps Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 07/26/2010 5:28 AM
campingpa.com looks good too.
Posted By: CampingPA Re: donwoutdoors.com (Outdoors Forum) - 08/04/2010 5:26 PM
Thanks Hook...

I just put up www.ATVingPA.com last week...

It went off the hook crazy already...

I was surprised how fast it went...

I put small ads out in FREE places like craigslist, and local classifieds...

ALSO - Created a facebook page and shared it with all of my friends and asked them to share it with theirs...

I hate FB but it did get the word out for me, so...

Good luck though and Chin Up ! :thumbs:
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