Posted By: isaac 7.7.3 Changelog Discussion - 07/28/2019 5:22 PM
UBB.threads 7.7.3 has been released and is now available to download in the Member Area.

TOC / Overview
UBB.threads 7.7.3 Changelog
Upgrading To The Current Version of UBB.threads 7
Styles Included with UBB.threads 7
What To Do Next? / Discussion

UBB.threads 7.7.3 Changelog
Version 7.7.3 includes a critical fix for Member Searches from within the Control Panel wich may stall or crash the PHP job due to a poorly written SQL query. It is recommended that you upgrade to version 7.7.3.

Primary Changes In This Release
  • Login using Email Address or Login Name.
  • Automatic image orientation fixes for post attachments.
  • Option to simplify downloading of attached/gallery images.
  • ShoutChat intro for comment guidelines.
  • Improved admin log operation names and descriptions.
  • Improved Error & Not Found pages, now with search box.
  • Geo-IP and IP address lookups in new registration notifications.
  • Admin logging of SFS detection for bad Email/IP addresses at login.
  • Member Search within the control panel is fixed.
  • Updated several libraries and assets.
  • Cleanup of templates, CSS files, and UBB JavaScript files.
  • More bug squashing and some minor layout updates.

Summary of Changes
[NEW] Members can now login using their Email Address or Login Name. The Membership Registration settings should be configured to use a unique email address per account. Accounts with the same Email Address will need to use their Login Name for logging in.
[NEW] Attachment Manager will now update JPG image orientation according to the EXIF data stored within it. This feature affects new attachments and requires the PHP function exif_read_data to be enabled. Image orientation fixes cannot be applied If exif_read_data is not available or you are not using ImageMagick. A demo of this feature.
[NEW] Option to display a download button when showing images in the Lightbox. It is displayed next to the "rotate" and "close" buttons. If enabled, a user with access to view attachments/galleries can easily download the full size image. Through the user's browser settings, they can choose to save the image or view it within their device's chosen viewer. The default is disabled.
[NEW] ShoutChat now displays an "intro" in its header. This can be used to display brief chat rules or guidelines. It is customizable in the language file. If left blank, it will be hidden. If desired, it can also be styled per Custom Style within the Extras section of the Style Editor. Its class name is "shoutintro".
[NEW] Forum Search's search keyword box now displays a help window giving some advanced search formatting tips.
[NEW] Files attached to posts will now display their file size next to their file name and download counter.
[NEW] Error & Not Found pages now display a search box which will allow the user to enter keywords for searching the forum through the Forum Search page.
[NEW] ShoutChat now adds a line to the Admin Log when a Shout is deleted.
[NEW] CP: Geo-IP Lookups can now be disabled if you choose not to use it. (Features > Lookup Services)
[NEW] Geo-IP Lookup can be displayed on New User Registration notification emails, if Geo-IP feature is enabled.
[NEW] IP Address Lookup is now displayed on New User Registration notification emails, if enabled. This feature will use the settings declared in CP: Features > Lookup Services.
[NEW] Browser User-Agent string is now be displayed on New User Registration notification emails.
[NEW] CP: Edit User will now display last post date, and total posts, with a link to their listing.
[NEW] CP: Custom Island Editor now displays a selectable template with an example of correct formatting. (Thanks to mmem700 for recommending this feature.)
[NEW] An Admin Log entry will be added when a registered member attempts to login and StopForumSpam detects a bad Email or IP Address.

[UPDATE] CP: Member Search Results page formatting improved for easier reading.
[UPDATE] CP: Admin Log operation names are now consistent with each other.
[UPDATE] CP: Admin Log descriptions are cleaner, easier to read, and share consistent format presentation.
[UPDATE] CP: Post, Gallery, and Custom Island lists and their editor pages now share consistent format presentation.
[UPDATE] For all pages, the default cookie expiration maximum is 30 days max; 7 days if no value is set. Previously it was: "30 days max for user logins", "7 days max for admin become user" and "7 days max for member profile edits."
[UPDATE] Updated FontAwesome library from 5.9.0 to version 5.10.0-1.
[UPDATE] Updated Jdenticon from 2.1.1 to version 2.2.0.
[UPDATE] Updated Lightbox from 2.11.0 to version 2.11.1.
[UPDATE] Updated TinyMCE from 5.0.7 to version 5.0.12.
[UPDATE] Cleanup of templates, CSS files, and UBB JavaScript files.

[FIX] Searching by "Title Only" when search method is set to "MySQL Full-Text" now works as expected.
[FIX] CP: Member Search query has been corrected to fix the slow query (poorly written MYSQL query) issue. (Thanks to Outdoorking for being the first to report this bug.)
[FIX] CP: Edit User now correctly displays the Last post and Last Login detail/descriptions.
[FIX] CP: Gallery Island editor will now use the correct language file.
[FIX] Control Panel logging now uses the Fetch IP library.
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Upgrading To The Current Version of UBB.threads 7
The upgrade path from UBB.threads 7.5.x versions continues to be to move to the most recent version of UBB.threads as they become available. For example; If you are current running UBBT 7.5.6, you should upgrade directly to UBBT 7.7.3. There is no need to do an incremental update from 7.5.8 to 7.5.9 to 7.6.0 to 7.6.1...etc. You should update directly from your current UBB.threads 7 version, to the most recent version of UBB.threads.

The UBB.threads 7 Upgrade Guide can be found in the Docs tab in the menu header.

[Linked Image]

If you are upgrading from a version prior to the last version, incrementally follow the special instructions listed within /install/UPGRADE_INSTRUCTIONS.txt, from each version just above the version you are coming from. Normally there are no special instructions or they explain a new feature for you to configure.

Special Upgrade Instructions for 7.7.3
No Special Upgrade Instructions for 7.7.3

New CSS Classes
  • .shoutintro (Properties for: ShoutChat Box/Page intro text)

This new style class compliments .alt-1 to further customize each of your custom style sheets using the Style Editor. Its not required, but it is available.

Attached picture 0.main.png
Posted By: isaac Re: 7.7.3 Changelog Discussion - 07/28/2019 5:25 PM
Styles Included with UBB.threads 7.7.x
Beginning with the UBB.threads 7.7 Series, only the styles from the current UBB.threads series will be included within the main archive.
LOCATION: ubbthreads-7-7-x.zip ... install/styles/

Styles Included with UBB.threads 7.7.3
  • UBBT77
  • UBBT77 - Dark (New for 7.7.2)

If new style properties have been added for the version you are upgrading to, your current styles are automatically updated for you with a single set of very basic class attributes to at least enable any new CSS characteristics. These new properties are added to your current styles within their new style group.

If you are using styles from an older UBB.threads install, you should replace them with their current version. The 7.7.3 upgrader script provides a step which can add the new style versions to your forum for you. The included new styles will be installed but they will not be active until you activate them within the Control Panel. The upgrader will present this option to you as it goes through the upgrade process.

[Linked Image]

New style names used as of 2019-01-01

[Linked Image]

If you are currently using a stock style from a previous UBB.threads version, we recommend that you update to the matching current style from within the Member Area downloads section, or the most recent UBB.threads archive.

Within the Member Area downloads is a section listing for Style Packs. These Style Packs are already included within the main UBB.threads zip archive. They are also being made available independently with the intention of being useful to forum owners still running UBB.threads 7.5 series forums. Ideally, we'd like those older forums to update to the latest version, but we know that you're staying on that version for your own reasons. These Style Packs are compatible with UBB.threads 7.5 and 7.6. There have been zero adjustments made to them to account for the 7.5 series template bugs (which have since been corrected in 7.6). We want your 7.5.x forum to look modern. So at no extra cost, here they are for you thumbsup

Further reading on UBB.threads Style Packs:

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Posted By: isaac Re: 7.7.3 Changelog Discussion - 07/28/2019 5:25 PM
What To Do Next?

Now go update your forums.

If you have already updated, leave a comment reply here. Your comments help us know if you found something that needs to be fixed, or what new features you like the most.

Happy UBBTing! grin
Posted By: M4TT Re: 7.7.3 Changelog Discussion - 10/24/2019 6:30 AM
I have just updated from 7.7.1 to 7.7.3! Everything looks like it's working properly. There is a few things that aren't, but it is likely my host (avatars)...

Suggestion: update language for "Login Name" to "Login Name or Email".
Posted By: Ruben Re: 7.7.3 Changelog Discussion - 10/24/2019 6:22 PM
You should be able to edit that yourself in the language file via the control panel.
I think it is in generic file.
$ubbt_lang['LOGINNAME_TEXT'] = "Login Name";
Change Login Name to Login Name or Email
and save.
Posted By: isaac Re: 7.7.3 Changelog Discussion - 11/10/2019 3:25 PM
Originally Posted by M4TT
Suggestion: update language for "Login Name" to "Login Name or Email".

Thank you for this tip. It will be updated in 7.7.4.
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