Compatibility Question

Posted By: kf6zpl

Compatibility Question - 09/19/17 09:13 PM

I run Joomla along with UBBThreads 7.6

During an upgrade to the lastest version of Joomla, I received the below notice. This prompts a question, if I have my server updated to the noted software releases, will UBBThreads 7.6 be functinal?

Beginning with Joomla! 4.0 we are raising the minimum server requirements. If you are seeing this message then your current configuration does not meet these new minimum requirements.

The minimum requirements are the following:

PHP 7.0
MySQL 5.5.3
PostgreSQL 9.2
MS SQL will not be supported
MySQL using the legacy `ext/mysql` PHP extension will not be supported, MySQLi or PDO MySQL must be used instead
Posted By: Gizmo

Re: Compatibility Question - 09/19/17 09:19 PM

UBB.threads does not currently work under PHP7; it is being worked on in development (changelog notation).
Posted By: kf6zpl

Re: Compatibility Question - 09/20/17 05:47 PM

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