imageMagick test

Posted By: Morgan

imageMagick test - 02/10/18 02:03 PM

testing to upload a photo to see what the result will be
I am interested to see if the image will change in reduced pixel size and kb
noticed 1MB is max to upload
let see if I can find a suitable 1 MB size photo

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Posted By: Morgan

Re: imageMagick test - 02/10/18 02:26 PM

Ok here is the result:
The resting feet original size 1536x1536px and was not reduced, i was compressed from 989kb >>> 389kb
the girl&donkey original size 2048×1536px was reduced to 1920x1440px it was compressed from 706kb >>> 170kb

This proves that Imagemagick works both for pixels size and KB size on this server.

My problem is that om my britbike.com server it only works one way. The megabyte size is reduced not as much I would like and the pixels size REDUCING DOES NOT WORK.

according to my host I have installed
Version: ImageMagick 6.7.8-9 2016-06-16 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org
Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2012 ImageMagick Studio LLC

Path to Convert /usr/bin/convert
Path to Mogrify /usr/bin/mogrify
as default in forum CP

Any Ideas out there how to test that the imagemagick actually works?
I know IM is not supported here but when the forum is not working properly then maybe we could see what experience you all have with IM.

Thanks for your advise
Posted By: isaac

Re: imageMagick test - 02/10/18 06:39 PM

this has been discussed, with solution, over here:

Posted By: Morgan

Re: imageMagick test - 02/11/18 11:06 AM

Oh I have totally missed this. I'll check it out
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