Posted By: phoebe Upgraded from UbbClassic - 10/30/2008 9:17 PM
Just want to thank everyone for being patient and helpful during this big leap we just completed from Classic. Like saying goodbye to an old friend, with us from the beginning years, 1998, i think....but remarkably all those old post imported beautifully. My only real hitch was having the server unzip the program for me. My second install every thing went very well and we are quite pleased and excited at all the new features.

Thanks Rick, and thanks fellow Classic lover, Ruben for your kind assistance. You can see our finished board Here.

I'm sure to be back bugging everyone over perfecting our board, but I've been in, around and through it and it works so well! wink ...of course now I'm a little buggy staring at this computer screen for two weeks. crazy Time to go out for a Mai-tai and some Kung Pao chicken.
Posted By: AllenAyres Re: Upgraded from UbbClassic - 11/30/2008 9:36 PM
Congrats, it took me a while to leave .classic too, great old software smile
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