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______  Vintage Apple Lisa 1 Computer  ______ Serviced and Tested  ______
______ Vintage Apple Lisa 1 Computer ______ Serviced and Tested ______
Price: US $15000.00

The Lisa is turning 40 years old on January 19th– own an important part of Apple history!

For sale is a Lisa 1 with a manufacture date of the 36thday of 1982.This is the earliest example seen in a long time, especially given that the Lisa didn’t ship for nearly a year later (January 19th, 1983).It has an Applenet number of 00100093 (they all start with 001).This Lisa was originally used internally by Apple, unfortunately, the asset tag fell off and is missing.It still has markings from the asset tag as well as two stamp marks reading “Tech Room.”

This Lisa has been serviced and tested.Work performed includes: recapping and adjusting the power supply, recapping the video board and cleaning the pots, PCB repair of damage from battery corrosion (common on all Lisa 1 systems). The front bezel has been replaced and is not an original (minor color difference). Looks like many of the chips have later date codes and may not be original.Likely, Apple made many changes over the years.Likewise, all capacitors that have been replaced are not original.The Lisa was tested to boot off an external ProFile drive (not included) and it currently passes all self-tests.

This Lisa presently had D/A8 ROM configuration and was tested with a Lisa lite and BMOW, the D ROM handles either Twiggy or 400k drives.The Lisa does not include the Twiggy drives or cage.The case has yellowing present and general patina.A tiny imperfection exists at the center of the display.The metal chassis has some minor corrosion from prior battery issue that has been functionally resolved.Because of the recent and prior service not all parts are original.Other imperfections may exist on this 40-year-old machine.It is being offered as-is and the new owner should be proficient in operations and repairs of vintage systems.Please inspect photos to assess condition.

Local pick up is preferred; however, shipping will be done professionally with an oversize box and new packing material.This will cause a 5-business day handling time and also accounts for the higher freight costs. Hand delivery is also possible within 250 miles at $2.50 per loaded mile.

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