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Apple Mac mini PPC G4 1.42GHz - OS9 - 1GB RAM - 128GB HD - DVD-ROM/CD-RW - A1103
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Apple Mac mini PPC G4 1.42GHz - OS9 - 1GB RAM - 128GB HD - DVD-ROM/CD-RW - A1103
Price: US $275.00

I am selling a unique refurbished Apple Mac mini (Model A1103) with PowerPC G4 1.42 GHz CPU, running pre-installed MacOS 9.2.2 natively – making this Mac mini one of fastest (and smallest) PowerPC G4 Macs that were ever build (only surpassed by the rare 1.5 GHz version of the Mac mini G4.)

This Mac mini is in excellent technical and cosmetic condition, and works great for PPC G4 retro gaming and audio / sound design. For example: ‚Return to Castle Wolfenstein‘ runs flawlessly at the highest rendering quality and framerate settings. :)

This 1.42 GHz model comes with an ATI 9200 on-board GPU with 32MB VRAM.

This unit has been upgraded (and maxed out) with 1GB RAM, an Apple Combo DVD-R/CD-RW Optical Drive (CW-8123-C or 8124-C), and an internal 128GB HD (solid state).

In addition, this Mac mini comes with a 3rd party wireless keyboard and wireless mouse (working with a 2.4GHz USB dongle), both matching the Apple design language of the period well. (I pride my self in testing and selecting the best non-Apple components - finding a 3rd party wireless keyboard and mouse of decent quality, while be affordable and fitting the Apple aesthetic, was not easy.)

(Sidenote: I am experimenting with a Bluetooth solution for using the original v1 Apple wireless keyboard and mouse with the OS9 Mac Mini G4. While it does not work reliably yet, there is hope it will in the future.)

In addition, I am including a slimline 4-Port USB Hub that extends the two onboard USB ports.


Some of the Mac mini PPC G4 hardware is not supported by MacOS 9.2.2, such as internal wireless components (Bluetooth/Airport) and the internal sound I/O.

I am including an OS9 compatible driver-less USB Sound Card that provides audio output at 16bit/44.1KHz.

This unit does not have Apple Bluetooth or Airport wireless hardware components installed, they were an BTO (built-to-order) option back in the day. That said, and given OS9 is not supporting them, not having those components installed significantly optimizes the temperature and airflow in the Mac mini.


This Mac mini has been fully disassembled, cleaned, and tested working after reassembling. This includes all hardware components, including a deep cleaning of fans and optical drives. Critical components such as HD and DVD/CD-RW Superdrives have been replaced with superior components (compared to orig. factory specs).

I am German, and pride myself with a level of quality that I‘d expect when buying vintage hardware.


– Apple Mac mini G4 (A1103)

– PowerPC G4 1.42 GHz

– ATI 9200 32MB (resolution: up to 1920 x 1080 px)

– 1 GB RAM

– 128 GB HD (Sandisk solid-state) * the image says 64GB but it will be upgraded to 128GB

– Apple Power-supply (A1188)

– Apple DVI-to-VGA Adapter

– Wireless Keyboard + Mouse (w/ USB dongle)

– 4-Port USB Hub

– OS9 USB Audio-Interface (TRRS, 16bit/44.1KHz)

– OS9 CD Intaller (for Mac mini A1103 only)


If you have a favorite PPC G4 game let me know which one, and I will pre-install the game for you!

Shipping: Free shipping in the continental US

Return policy: 30 days

Feel free to make me an reasonable offer :)

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