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HP Pavilion 7270 - Early Windows 95 / DOS Gaming PC Vintage
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HP Pavilion 7270 - Early Windows 95 / DOS Gaming PC Vintage
Price: US $299.00

·Manufacturer: Hewlet Packard

·Model: Pavilion 7270

·Operating System: Windows 95

·Processor: Pentium 166Mhz


·Video/GPU: Integrated

oChipset: S3 Virge 86C325

oMemory: 2MB

oVESA 1.2 Compatible

·Chipset: Intel 430HX

·Floppy Drive: 1.44 Floppy

·Optical Drive: GCD-R580B

·Storage: 2GB CF-Flash card with IDEAdapter

·Sound Adapter: Yamaha OPL3-SA

oSupports Sound Blaster, SoundBlaster Pro 2.0, OPL3 FM

·Modem: Rockwell56k PNP Modem

·Other Software:

oAny additional software installed isfor demonstration purposes only.

·Windows 95 – Custom Windows 95D v1.6 Image from Razerback

·Custom Boot Menu to choose boot toWindows or DOS with various memory and driver configurations

·HP Pavilion Desktop

·Backup of Operating System anddriver installation

·Peripherals visible in the photos todemonstrate functionality are not included

·Original Compaq Factory RecoverySoftware

·Any other bundled CDs outside of therecovery CD itself.

·VGA Monitor

·PS2 Keyboard

·PS2 Mouse

·Standard PC Speakers

·Joystick or Game Controller(Optional)

·Doom 1 and 2

·Warcraft II

·Jazz Jackrabbit

·Monkey Island

·DC Diagnostics 95 completed successfully.

·Gold Memory Test completed with no errors.

·Stress Test completed over 24 hourswithout crashing.

·Q:Why are your prices higher than othersellers I see on ?

oA:I price my systems based on severalfactors. Ultimately you can expect that it will be more than a typical “Here isa thing don’t know if it works” type of sales, but less than “This is SUPERrare OMG I know what these are worth” type of sales.

·Q:Why does shipping seem high?

oA:Computers need adequate packaging in orderto survive shipping. Many retro systems have become brittle over the years andare that much more prone to breakage. Shipping costs include the cost ofappropriate shipping materials.

·Q:How do you approach your builds?

oA:In each sale I describe the machine. Inthat description I include the condition, of course, but also my intent aroundthe work I’ve done around it. Some systems I refurbish with the intent ofrecreating the original experience which is nostalgic for many folks whileother systems I build with the intent of optimizing the gaming experience for aparticular operating system or time period, or something in between those twogoals.

·Q:Will this system play “insert game titlehere” game?

oA:I generally test every system with ahandful of period correct games and in some cases benchmarks. Of course, Ican’t test every game, but if you have something in particular you are lookingfor a system to play, I’d be happy to take those requests on a case-by-casebasis. I reserve the right to cease this if I get overwhelmed with requests,however.

·Q:Will games work exactly the way Iremember?

oA:We all tend to look at the past sometimesthrough rose-colored glasses as they say. Keep in mind the 80s and 90s were aperiod of rapid technological advancement the games you played may have lookedor sounded different on different hardware. If you want to reproduce a veryspecific experience, make sure you do your research, or feel free to contact meand I’ll provide what advice I can on if this or any other machine might fityour needs.

·Q: I am having problems with the version ofWindows that was installed on this machine.

oA: Early versions of Windows were known to be moresensitive to problems. If you encounter problems while installing softwareremove the most recent software you installed and be sure to reboot after doingso. Also be sure to reboot each time you install something new. That way if youhave a problem you’ll know what it was that caused the problem. If you stillhave issues you can e-mail me, but I do not warranty the software or hardware. Irecommend shutting the machine down when not using it. The power managementfeatures of these early versions of Windows were also known to be problematic.

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