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Historic 1970s-1980s silicon wafers - Qty of five, 4
Historic 1970s-1980s silicon wafers - Qty of five, 4" wafers includes CPU
Price: US $35.00
This sale is for a quantity of five, 4 inch silicon wafers. Random picks of CPUs, Logic, Test pattern, and Memory wafers. At least one processor is included in each set. These are all American made wafers, all printed with circuits. Some may be partially processed, have scratches, blemishes, but I'll guarantee each set to include a minimum of one fully processed vintage CPU in excellent condition. The set shown is typical of what you will receive. Circuit patterns on wafers of this age are large enough to be viewed well with a 50x or better magnification. As you can see the colors of the microscopic films and circuits vary dramatically with lighting and viewing angle. These photos were made in ordinary white room lighting and are not color enhanced.

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