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NEW Aquarius+ Mini Computer Signature Edition - 8Bit Retro System
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NEW Aquarius+ Mini Computer Signature Edition - 8Bit Retro System
Price: US $159.00
All New Aquarius+ Mini Signature Edition 8-Bit Retro Computer System
What would the Aquarius have evolved into if Mattel hadn't abandoned the system back in 1984? The Aquarius+ is the next-generation of Z80-based 8-bit hardware for the Aquarius platform. The Aquarius+ Mini is a cost-reduced version of the standard platform, offering a backwards-compatible retro computer system that both developers and nostalgists will love and use, all in the spirit of the original, orphaned Aquarius platform.
This cost-reduced model does NOT have a cartridge/expansion port, hand controller ports, casette ports, or printer port.
  • Backward compatibility with existing Aquarius software
  • Modern, flexible video solution that supports bitmapped graphics, sprites, and tiles, delivered through clean VGA output
  • Dual AY sound chips (virtual) for six sound voices
  • 8-Bit Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC) for playing digitized audio samples
  • 512kb of paged RAM in four 16k banks
  • Reworked SYSROM and programmable CHARROM
  • Integrated SD card and commands (remove dependency on cassette loading)
  • WiFi connectivity, including OTA system updates
  • Bluetooth connectivity for modern game Mini Signature Edition, with VGA, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD card, and USB power, PCB signed by Sean Harrington, along with laser-etched signature on label.
  • 32Gb Aquarius+ Signature SD card with starter software
  • Micro USB cable for connectivity and power input (power adapter not included)

Note: This OPEN SOURCE system is in ACTIVE development, and may have unforseen issues, bugs, and quirks. Due to the limited resources of the development team, this unit is sold AS-IS. No refunds or returns will be issued.
Full details on the system, as well as downloads for system updates, a FREE EMULATOR, and other documentation are all available

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