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Beige SD2IEC Commodore 1541 Disk Drive Emulation SD Card Reader Vic20 C128 C64 For Sale

Beige SD2IEC Commodore 1541 Disk Drive Emulation SD Card Reader Vic20 C128 C64:

TFW8b SD2IEC is the world’s most popular SD Card reader for Commodore 8bit Computers #FACT High quality yellowed breadbin (beige) case, SD2IEC+ v5.x Basic Floppy Drive Emulation * PCB fully enclosed to protect your computer from STATIC electricity (ESD) *Touching bare electronics is a sure fire way of killing your beloved computer. TFW8b external SD2IEC are enclosed for this very reason. Next Disk, Previous Disk and Root/Reset ButtonsSupports Auto Generation of AUTOSWAP fileCompatible with Commodore Vic20/64/128 Computers If you'd like an alternative connector like USERPORT or C16, check g00gle for more tfw8b sd2iec optionsEight colours available.. Check out my other listings or searchSupports JiffyDos, GEOS, Final Cartridge III, Epyx Fastload and other Fastloaders unlike the 1541-III** Bootloader & latest firmware pre-installed ** ** Firmware upgradeable via SDcard - sw2-m1284p **Built in the UK - Fully assembled.. PLUG IT IN AND GO! No soldering required!If you’re into 8Bit Commodores and you haven't yet got one of these, you are missing out. TFW8b SD2IEC – The SD2IEC emulates the basic functions of a real disk drive Simply copy D64, D71, D81,M2I or Prg files to an SD card, put it into the SD2IEC and you’re ready to go. Just think how many C64 disks you can fit on 2Gig+ SD! LOAD and SAVE the same as you would a real disk drive..TFW8b SD2IEC is shipped as ID8 EG.. LOAD"$",8Drive ID can be changed via BASIC** This tfw8b SD2IEC is installed in a yellowed breadbin style Case ** DISPATCHED WITHIN 24 HOURS!TFW8b SD2IEC v4 3 Button PCB with Atmega 1284p*** Includes user guide ***More info... Sorry, you get delisted for including support URL's. You'll have to search tfw8bBuilt and tested by my good self!*** 1 year warranty *** *** PLEASE SELECT STANDARD DELIVERY, STANDARD INCLUDES TRACKING *** SD Memory Card not includedSD2IEC firmware is available as GNU Public License v2Visit sd2iec de and may I suggest donate to the SD2IEC firmware author/developer Ingo Korb Standard Shipping TimesUSA 5-25 Working Days (80% 5-14 Days) - US Customs can be the slowest in the world.EU 3-25 Working (90% 3-10 Days)UK 1-2 Working DaysRest of the world - 5-25 Working Days What would I recommend?Well, if you are in Italy, I recommend the express tracked service as Italy post is shockingly slow.US Customs can really hold things up.. Some items may be held for 3-5 weeks 'just because'. Express Tracked items normally take 2-6 days. More Express Postal options are available via site

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