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No data, No Charge, No Diagnostic Fee. Our data recovery center goal is to provide fast and affordable data recovery services to our clientèle. We recover data from all types of medium, including RAID arrays, NAS devices, SAN, laptop and standard IDE/SATA internal and external hard disk drives as well as Floppy disks, CD/DVD disks, Flash Drives, Zip disks, and many media cards such as Secure Digital and Compact flash, etc. If you are here, chances are you have lost something very important—and you want it back. Data recovery is a delicate business, but two things are certain: the first recovery attempt is the best opportunity for success; and the recovery company you choose can greatly impact the outcome. Our data recovery center started in early 1993 as an alternative choice to the high-priced data recovery companies that charge thousands for every recovery. We are a group of experienced data recovery professionals that have been in the data recovery industry for over 20 years. We have the latest data recovery technology which is updated periodically to increase the speed and reliability to get your data back to you as soon as possible. We specialize in physical recovery. Physical crash is due to the physical damage of the parts inside of the drive which can cause a clicking noise or grinding noise from the drive. The other type of data loss can be Logical crash and that happens due to the lost or damaged partition table or virus attack to the boot sector of the drive. In these cases drive sounds absolutely normal but the computer will not boot or asks the user to format the drive. Levels of data recovery: Level 1 -Undelete Lost Data Recovery or forensic Data Recovery happens due to deletion of the data by the user on purpose or mistake or running the factory restore CD from the manufacturers which puts the drive to its original setup and deletes all user data. Level 2 – Recover data from bad sectors on the disk. Bad sectors appear as the hard drive is aging and starting to malfunction. Signs of symptoms are error messages appear when trying to open files or can not clone the hard drive. The system may run really slow. Level 3 – Clean room service is required for hard drive has completely failed. Failed hard drives may not be detected by the system or may generate abnormal sounds. If the hard drive encountered a strike (ex. Dropped or Hit), the hard drive can be physically damaged internally as well as externally. We are certified engineers from Salvation Data Technology. This enables us to offer you the latest technologies to get your data available to you in the shortest time frame possible. Learn how to get started and how to ship your hard drive below: Steps: 1) Delicately remove your Hard Drive from your computer/laptop2) Wrap the hard drive in several layers of bubble wrap3)Put the wrapped hard drive into a small box that is around the same size as the Hard Drive. Please send us a message through for shipping info.

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