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ISA CompactFlash Adapter XT-IDE for 8-Bit PC, XT CF LITE 4.1, XTIDE Bootable For Sale

ISA CompactFlash Adapter XT-IDE for 8-Bit PC, XT CF LITE 4.1, XTIDE Bootable:

Description ISA CompactFlash Adapter - IDE for 8-Bit PC, XT CF LITE 4.1, XTIDE Description: XT-CF-Lite V4 is a remake of James Pearce's XT-CF-Lite card, which in its turn is a simplified version of his CPLD based XT-CF card, and shares some ideas with XT-IDE card. This card allows connecting a Compact Flash (CF) card to computers with ISA bus and using it as a mass storage device. The card also supports BIOS extension ROM. Check site No ibm slot 8 compatibility Tested on motherboards - XL-7 Turbo, XT Juko, IBM ps/2 model 30, 286 , 386 Other users report compatibility with IBM 5155, Commodore PC10 III,Olivetti M21,Olivetti m24, Oem intel 486 If you have IBM 5150 you need a special BIOS programmed (not the one provided by the author) , please tell me to flash the right bios. Attention: IBM 5170's require a BIOS upgrade to an AMI or AWARD BIOS to utilize this card, due to a weird incompatibility. It's simple, requiring replacing/programming the 2x 27c256 EPROMS. minuszerodegrees.net/index.htm this mod must be done by you on your computer. Supplied with default setting: bios xt @ c800h base address 300h,default boot drive 80h You will have to fiddle with your old PC to make sure to set up the address correctly to recognize the card. If you are unsure that you can change the switches and choose address, do not buy this card. Package Included: - 1 x ISA CF v4 Unit now in ENIG-RoHS (gold plated) CF card is NOT INCLUDED Assembled,tested 100% working, no ibm slot 8 compatibility Note: The metallic bracked (Keystone 9202) is not included. At the moment we have blue colored PCB ENIG-RoHS (gold plated) Shipping Terms Due the COVID virus and the inability to deliver quickly to some countries if you are not from Europe or the USA please email us before ordering We dispatch your order during 1-3 business day. We ship internationally Airmail with tracking Please read carefully product title, description and include list. Any questions are welcome. If you received broken or defective parts please contact us first, because we can resolve this problem in best way. Shipments to Australia and New Zealand are resumed. Transit time about 30-40 days. Custom Duties & Taxes 1. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or postage cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. 2. Avoiding some unnecessary trouble, please check with your country's customs office to inform us what we should declare its value before shipping.

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