Backup and/or Transfer from one Server to Another

Use these instructions for periodic backup of your UBB.threads™ community, or if you need to move it from one server to another. It is recommended that you backup your community on a periodic basis, in case of server failure or other unanticipated corruption.

NOTE: You can upgrade before or after the transfer, but DO NOT upgrade during the transfer process.

Before you begin, ensure that you have the full zip file for the version of UBB.threads™ that you are currently running.  (This is just a precaution.)

There are different ways of performing the backup and transfer, depending on your environment.  Choose the method below that suits your capabilities.


If you have telnet access, you can perform a backup by typing the following command on Server A:

mysqldump –u username –p=password databasename > filename.dump

FTP the file “filename.dump” from server A to server B in ASCII mode.  Then use telnet to type the following command on Server B:

mysql –u username –p=password databasename < filename.dump

(Note, these processes may take a while if your board is large.)  Once you’ve transferred the database, you can go ahead and install the UBB.threads™ software as usual on Server B.

If you have ability to run crontabs, run this as a daily cron task (you’ll have to decide what time to run it):

/bin/nice -n 6 mysqldump --opt –d yourdatabasename -ppassword | gzip > /path/to/backup/directory/`date +%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S`-mysql_databases.sql.gz

If you do not have telnet access or ability to run crontabs, use a MySQL management tool like phpMyAdmin to create a backup of the database.  NOTE: If you use a PHP based database manager, make sure that your ISP is not applying a “timeout” or a max post size to your PHP processes.  If that is the case, use a Perl-based database manager like MySQL Data Manager.

FTP the backup file from Server A to Server B.  Make sure you have the database manager installed on the new server.  Use the database manager to “restore” the backup file.  Install the UBB.threads™ software as usual.



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