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49 66 80cc Motorized Bike Engine Mounted Chain Tensioner Spring Loaded Michigan For Sale

49 66 80cc Motorized Bike Engine Mounted Chain Tensioner Spring Loaded Michigan

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49 66 80cc Motorized Bike Engine Mounted Chain Tensioner Spring Loaded Michigan:

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Now including hardware to mount the factory chain guard to the engine!

Please take the time to examine ALL pictures. Engine kit is not included! This listing is only for the chain tensioner.

*****Please measure the clearance between yourpedalsand engine sprocket cover. Some frames (for example, some mountain bikes with three piece pedal cranks) don't have much room between the pedals and engine. Make sure you have at least 5/16" (8mm)of clearance. 3/8" (9.5mm)or more would be ideal.

If you do not, I cancountersink the holes in the tensionerto bring the required clearance down to 3/16" (5mm). It will cost an additional $3, and is an option (LOW PROFILE) you can select above. Please allow me twoextrabusiness daysto ship out your package.

Also keep in mind if you are handy with a grinder, you can remove a small amount of material from the pedalcrank if need be. I've also had a customerslightly bend the crank to clear the tensioner.Very few bikes have these clearance issues, but it is worth being aware of.

Michigan Motor Bikes Chain Tensioner (U.S. Patent Pending)

Designed, made, and shipped from right here in Michigan!

Simple, clean design,and very effective. Improve your bike's reliability!

Tools Required: 4mm allen key, 5mm allen key and a 13mm or1/2" wrench.A 10mm wrench or socket is necessary if you are mounting the chain guard to engine.

Please check out my 100% positive response; You can read a few of the positive reviews left by other ers regarding this tensioner!

Some of the recent response:

- Make it or Break it item! out of 4 tensioners, this is the one I LOVE -sergman1289

- Very reasonable and slick piece of equipment...fast shipping. Thanks a million. -jeli6264

- Great quality!! Wish I'd found this sooner! Super fast shipper! -sjppumpman

- This is undoubtably the best idler set up there is! -springersgasbikes

- There's a night to day difference with this product. ITS FANTASTIC!!!! -cameralights53

- Stupid fast shipping. Awesome quality. Highly rec made my chain SILENT. A+++ -mbear2489

-Wow! Works great! You got a winner on your hands! Fast ship! Luv it! AAAAA+ -tbird1991

-amazingly fast delivery and an excellent, well thought-out product, well built! -halemeowmeow

- have purchased over 3 types of tensioners on this one is by far the best quality -tracyhillger2012

-Easy toinstall tensioner. Outstanding, works so good that Ive purchased one for each bike -gafelix2012

- A+++++ Beautiful, high quality piece of equip. delivered very quickly! Stoked!!! -satisfashion101

-Great buying experience, High quality product. Could not be happier. -emnyekim

- Very high quality, super fast shipping! Highly recommended seller! -duane88

- Works beautifully!!! Wish I got this one my first build!!! -usjon_rhadd3l

- Just what I needed. Excellent design. Very well made. Thank you!! -danmcb

- Thank you so much! It's exactly what I needed! - mper1642

- Works perfectly. Easy to install. Highly recommended!! -grove321

- Easily installed, great quality over stock tensioner. A highly recommended buy -tarutot2005

-Best trader! Fast and friendly communication. Quality product shipped fast. A+ -inspectaclueso

- works really well especially for the price looks good too! -09tophah

response from motorbicycling.com:

- It's amazing how much smoother it rides... no more herky jerky even at low speeds. Amazing.. -Groove

- Wished I could've put this on when I built the bike! Quietened down the bike so much -Xseler

- Mine has been working perfectly for 2 months now. Best tensioner on the market, in my opinion. Thanks for offering these. -SuedePFlow

response from motoredbikes.com:

- I bought one and received it here in the UK in 4 days.. Great piece of kit, solves the slack chain rattles and is soo quiet - 10/10 !! - Orbeas

Here is a link to this chain tensioner as seen on motorbicycling.com:

This is the chain tensioner kit you've been looking for! This is for the Chinese-built bicycle engines widely available on and several online vendors under various name brands. Ridiculously easy and quick to install, and will take roughly 10 minutes to do. Examine the pictures closely. This description is really long-winded, but please, read through it!

With most of the engine kits available, they include a cheap frame mounted chain tensioner which consists of a hard plastic roller with a single bearing pressed in, two metal brackets and hardware. But there are a few problems with it:

- It has the tendency to loosen up and fall over right into the rear wheel spokes, causing major wheel damage and most likely personal injury!!

- It constantly needs adjusting, to compensate for chain "stretching" (which is really the roller pins wearing in the chain). This 'adjusting' is especially prevalent in new chains, and the chain tension will constantly need to be attended to for any motorized bike with a manual tensioner, throughout the life of the bike. Which gets old pretty quick.

- The bolts included are metric class 4.8, which are the absolute cheapest, weakest bolts you can buy. In fact, no American bolt company that I've found even makes a class 4.8, it is something unique to cheap imported goods. Cheap bolts strip, break, or stretch, making anything they hold together unreliable. They actually have a lesser tensile strength than grade 2 standard hardware (cheapest bolts at hardware store with no head markings)

- It clamps around the lower portion of the bicycle frame, damaging the paint/finish of the bike, as well as slightly crushing/distorting the tube itself.

-With themanual tensioner, it is very easy to put too much tension on the chain, which makes for a noisy chain drive. This also causes unnecessary wear on the chain and clutch shaft support bearings inside the engine case.

-Its just plain ugly!

The Michigan Motor Bikes chain tensioner has these benefits:

- It's constructed from machined, 6061 aluminum plate, and all nuts, bolts, and washersincluded aretop quality stainless steel, which makes this tensioner extremely corrosion resistant!

- The roller which the chain rides on is a dense urethane skateboard wheel, which hasoutstanding wear resistance to the chain, much better than the stock plastic roller. If you would like to add a custom touch, skateboard wheels are available in an infinite array of colors and graphics from your local skateboard shop.

- The wheel (chain roller)that's included rides ontwo highquality,greased bearings already pressed in. These should last for the lifetime of your bike, but if ever needed, these are widely available from any local skateboard shop!

- It is constantly adjusting the chain, no need for you to constantly check your chain's tension. This alone improves your bike's reliability and lessens your chance of a breakdown.

-It's QUIET!Alot ofcustomers have commented that the MMB tensioner quieted down their chain drive significantly, and when it comes to these engines, any reduction in noise is a welcome addition.

- At low speeds, these engines lug and cause a lot of "jerkiness", whichcan bevery noticeable, at least with the stock manual adjusting tensioner. The spring loaded design of the MMB tensioner dampens and absorbs this jerky motion of the chain, and makes the bicycle more civilized at lower speeds.

- It makes your bike easier to pedal, by not having as much tension/drag on the chain, as you would have with a manual tensioner.

- It's aesthetically pleasing to the eye; the 'P' shaped bracket mirrors the shape of the magneto cover ahead of it, and is a lot better looking than the clutch actuator cover it hides underneath it!

Michigan Motor Bikes Chain Tensioner Installation Instructions:

1) If your engine has an identification plate riveted to the engine sprocket cover, it will have to be removed. A grinder

or similar tool will help you remove it.

2) The first step is to make sure your engine chain is as close to the desired length as possible, using a 415H chain

breaker tool or alternative method. This tensioner will not work with a really loose chain; it should be as close to taut

as you can get it before you install the tensioner. To help with this, you can also play with the length of the pedal-side

chain and the rear wheel placement. 1/8” (also called 410) bike pedal chain links are available locally; the engine chain

(415H) links are usually not. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's not bad at all. Also, make sure your rear sprocket is true

to the wheel, and has almost no wobble, both up and down and side to side. Consider buying a Manic Mechanic or

Pirate Cycles or Sportsman sprocket adapter, which keeps the rear sprocket perfectly true. This is another item which

improves your bike's reliability!

3) Ensure the clutch cable is disconnected or not under any tension. The remove the screws/bolts holding the engine

sprocket cover on. The "P" shaped plate is installed on top of the engine sprocket cover with the three stainless steel

bolts that are the same length. The small hex head bolt and lock washer are for attaching the chain guard to the engine,

if you so choose to use it.

4) Install the urethane wheel/roller. Note that the last two holes on the "L" bracket can be used with the wheel bolt.

The rear-most is ideal, the forward one is for bikes with tight clearance, and may or may not require that the left

engine mounting stud be replaced with a normal bolt (6mm). Use the large 8mm stainless bolt that's included, and use

the stainless steel washers included to space the wheel away from the "L" shaped bracket. I've included 6 washers. You

might need more or less. The goal is to center the wheel on the chain. (be sure to roll the bike forward to check).

Install the stainless nylon-locking nut on the end of that 8mm bolt. There is no need to install any washer between the

nut and the wheel bearing. * IMPORTANT!!!* Do not tighten the nut all the way; doing so will damage the bearings.

There should be a very slight amount of play in the wheel on the bolt. The nylon-locking nut will not vibrate loose!

5) Install the included spring. There are two holes to choose from on the "P" plate. While the included spring should

work for you, please use your best judgment, as every bike is different and you may need to buy a longer or shorter


6) Before you start up the engine, roll your bike along and look at the engine chain, making sure it is reasonably

centered on the wheel throughout one complete revolution of the chain. Otherwise...enjoy!! If you have any questions,

send me a message via .

I ship these through USPS Priority mail, usually within 24hrs or less of receiving payment during the business week.

I SHIP WORLDWIDE! I've shipped to Australia, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, France,Malta, Canada, Russia,and so on. Please be sure that your Paypal address is accurate and COMPLETE.

Returns are accepted within 14 days after it has been delivered. Shipping is at the buyer's expense, both ways. I would recommend getting a tracking number, so it can be kept track of. A Priority Mail flat rate envelope at your local Post Officewill bethe most cost effective way of doing this.

Thank you for looking, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to get back to you promptly! Check out my 100% positive response and offer with confidence! Payment isusually throughPaypal only, but please contact me if you would prefer to pay by a different method, I am willing to work with you!

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