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Vintage 1960s Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Mantel Clock 15 Jewel Swiss Caliber 528-6
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Vintage 1960s Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Mantel Clock 15 Jewel Swiss Caliber 528-6
Price: US $495.00

Weare offering a vintage 1960s Atmos clock from the great Jaeger-LeCoultre. In the quest for perpetual motion machines,the legendary Atmos clock has perhaps come the closest. As Wikipedia reminds us,

"TheAtmos Clock is a timepiece of near-perpetual movement needing no humanintervention and almost no energy. Invented by Swiss engineer Jean-Léon Reutterin 1928 in Neuchâtel, the Atmos clock has been the Swiss government’s officialgift for important guests since 1950. Patented in 1928, the first version –known today as the Atmos 1 – was marketed by La Compagnie Générale deRadiologie (CGR) in 1930. The patents were subsequently purchased byJaeger-LeCoultre in France in 1936 and in Switzerland in 1937. The company thenspent ten years perfecting the clock before beginning to manufacture it in itscurrent technological form in 1946."

Freshfrom a local estate is this example of the famous timepiece with a classic off-white,open square face with four Arabic numerals at each quarter along with arrowsfor the other numbers and hands. Behindthe hands on the front of the mechanism is engraved "FIFTEEN 15 JEWELS VXNSWITZERLAND UNADJUSTED LeCoultre & Cie ATMOS." On the top of the movement is the speedadjustment lever and "LE COULTRE ATMOS 200768." This serial number dates the clock to the 1960s. While the Edmond Jaeger and LeCoultre watchcompanies merged in 1937, according to the Jaeger-LeCoultre website,"creations reserved for North America continued to be signed LeCoultreuntil 1970." The underside of the clockis marked "Le Coultre & Cie METAL CALIBER 528-6 SWISS." The clock measures a hefty 9 3/16" in height, 81/4" in width, 6 5/16" in depth, and weighs 11 lbs, 2 oz.

ThisAtmos is in good vintage condition. The consignor tells us that it was a gift that was never really used... just displayed with the pendulum locked, on a shelf and then eventually packed away.It isnot currently running (presumably nothing broken... just whatever makes a clock stop running after it sits idle for a generation), but the movement is complete, the hands can be set, andthe pendulum rotates freely when it is unlocked.The case is in good condition,and has its original glass and all screws.The brass of the case is (or was) coated with a dyed lacquer (which we believe is the casefor all brass Atmos clocks). Fromrepeated cleaning over time, probably with Windex which is a solvent, you can see that it’s worn through the lacquer inmost areas (basically the only place the lacquer is left is in the tight corners). However, the case is indeedsolid brass, and the buyer can buff this out if they wish it to look perfect. Just the same, it is quite presentable as-is.

Thisclock has a plaque that was formerly affixed to the front which reads “PRESENTEDBY M&M’S CANDIES TO ZELMA VANAGS WITH BEST WISHES FOR A LONG AND HAPPYRETIREMENT.” Ms. Vanags was born onOctober 12, 1892, and died in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, in June of1987. Judging by the date of the clock’smanufacture, she likely retired in the late 1960s. The plaque fell off over time (just held by double-stick tape) and the tape residue cleaned off easily leaving no mark whatsoever.

Thisclock is much too good to part out, so if you know how to repair these, orhave a clock guy, this is a great opportunity to make some good money or get a bargain for yourself since we are starting this sale at $9.99 with . Good luck offerding!

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