We have been around since 1997. Longer than any other forum software that you will find available. So you'll be buying a product with a solid history and unmatched support.

We also include all our features for one price. You will get the forums, the portal and the photo gallery for a price that is lower than what you will pay for just the forums with our major competitors. With the upcoming Version 8, you'll also get user blogs.

Need a webhost or server as well? We can provide hosting services.

UBB Licenses


UBB™ Standard License

  • Indefinite software license.
  • Indefinite access to support forums.
  • 1 year free access to upgrades.
  • 1 year access to our support ticket system.
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Other Optional Services

  • Professional New Install * $125
  • Professional Upgrade Install ** $99
  • Professional Server Move $150
  • Branding Removal*** $199
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Upgrades / Support Renewal

  • Upgrades / Support Renewal
  • 1 year access to upgrades
  • 1 year access to our support ticket system. Indefinite access to support forums.

This is available to anyone that owns a previous version of UBB.threads, UBB.classic, Ultimate Bulletin Board or WWWThreads.

* Bulk Rates when renewing multiple licenses at the same time: ? * Discounts when renewing for more than 1 year ?

Non Credit Card Payment Methods

By Mail

Please complete one of the License Order forums above to receive a transaction number. Mail the transaction number with your payment, and you'll receive your license information via email.

Mail To:

P.O. Box 827051
Pembroke Pines, FL 33082-7051

By Purchase Order

If your organization requires an invoice before payment, please send your purchase order to the address above after completing the ordering process online.