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Vintage Pentium III 800MHz Computer w/ GeForce 2 GTS, Aureal Vortex 2, & Win98SE
Vintage Pentium III 800MHz Computer w/ GeForce 2 GTS, Aureal Vortex 2, & Win98SE
Price: US $242.00
Vintage tower computer used as a classic gaming PC. It has the fastest slot 1 Pentium III at 800MHz with a 440BX motherboard! I customized it with both a great video card and sound card for retro gaming. The Nvidia GeForce2 GTS works great for both DOS and Windows games (no shaky scroll in Commander Keen). The Aureal Vortex 2 is my favorite audio card. Its surround sound is hard to beat! I've also recently added a new battery, case fan, and Geekenspiel case bag ("TVA" - Marvel reference). You'll also find a NIC for easy file transfers. Below, are all the details:Specs:
MODEL: Custom Mid Tower with 5 external & 2 internal drive bays
- Intel 440BX Chipset- Includes AGP, PCI, and ISA slots
- New CMOS battery
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz Coppermine
RAM: 384 MB of SDRAM
VIDEO: Nvidia GeForce2 GTS with 32 MB, AGP
SOUND: Aureal Vortex 2 (AU8830), PCI
- Sound Blaster Pro DOS Emulation
- Includes Audio cable to CD-ROM
LAN: Netgear FA310TX 10/100 Fast Ethernet, PCISTORAGE: Promise Ultra66 IDE PCI controller card
HDD: 40 GB Seagate IDE drive
FDD: 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy drive
OPTICAL: Pioneer 32x DVD-R/RW combo IDE drivePOWER: ATX 250 Watt Power SupplySoftware CDs Included:
Unreal Tournament (2 CDs)
Quake II (1 CD)
Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1 CD)Beyond Pearl Harbor Pacific Warriors (1 CD)
Max Payne (1 CD)
Installed Applications:
Microsoft Windows 98 SE w/ Plus! 98
Adobe Photoshop 7
Ahead Nero3D Mark 99 Max
and moreInstalled Games:
The above CDs, plus…
Microsoft Age of Empires I and II
Microsoft Fury3Microsoft Midtown Madness 1 and 2Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 2Microsoft Motocross Madness
Microsoft Return of ArcadeMicrosoft Pinball ArcadeMicrosoft Bicycle SolitaireJazz Jackrabbit 2Sim City 1 and 2Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, and moreThis listing is for the pictured computer and games, no additional items included. The computer and parts are in good used condition, but please see photos to make your own evaluation. No visible bulging or broken capacitors. The case has no cracks, but some wear and marks. Due to its age, the lifespan of components cannot be guaranteed. I am a private seller, so no returns please.

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