We've just released UBB.threads version 7.1 to the Members Area. You can find the full release notes here. Some of the more notable changes for this version include:

  • The Who's Online screen will now designate which guest users are search engine spiders, as well as showing the referer (which is how a guest got to your site).
  • Custom User Titles, as well as a control panel option to designate which groups of users can change their custom title.
  • Better performance by changing 2 of the tables to a HEAP table, so they reside in memory instead of being written to disk.
  • Option to have multiple language with the user being able to choose what language they want to use for their default display.
  • Option to show the total # of new topics and replies on the main page and when browing an individual forum.
  • User selectable "moods" so users can designate their current mood while online.
  • Online Status indicators next to each user's posts, that shows if they are currently online/offline as well as their current mood.
  • Sort order options at the bottom of each forum to designate how a forum is sorted.
  • When moving a post, there is now an option to leave a pointer to the new post that will expire after a certain number of days.
  • Admin option to ban users for a certain period of time, ranging from 1 day to 2 years, as well as the standard permanent ban.
  • New CAPTCHA feature that can be used for new registrations as well as guest posting. Note: You will need either ImageMagick 6 or GD2 with TrueType support in order to use this feature.

You may discuss this release here.

Thanks to all of the people that helped beta test this version. Stay tuned for more to come!