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General Assistance (How Do I?)
Yesterday at 09:47 PM
I appreciate your input. As I said in my initial post, I'm still not sure it's a big enough problem to spend time tracking it down. It only happens occasionally. I'll take a look at the Cookie settings. I just now tested it again, with the same laptop and instance of Safari that I wrote about last night, and it worked fine. So, whatever it is is apparently transitory.

What specifically are you referring to WRT SSL settings?

UPDATE: Cookie path is set to the default, and I don't use a cookie prefix. (It's blank.)
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Feedback & Suggestions
03/18/18 01:43 PM
Because I saw this topic pop up in my email notifications, I loaded up my oldest VirtualBox install of UBB, which is from UBB.threads version 6.2.3, Release March 4th, 2003. I did not notice a user number listed on that page at all. Maybe my install was modded out, since the user numbers could be found on the View Profile page, User List, hovering over the user avatar, or any other numbers of ways. Or maybe it just was never there? Who knows.

But the entire point of your post is that you want to add that bit of information to always be displayed on the post page. So here goes! laugh

For "user info on side" template:
in /templates/default/post_side.tpl
{if $postrow[post].Location}

User # {$postrow[post].userid}<br>
{if $postrow[post].Location}

There are two locations within that file. One is for the mobile view, and the other is for the desktop view.

If you wanted to add it to your post_top file, the procedure is the same, but its only in there one time.
that file is: /templates/default/post_top.tpl

Edit the "User # " text as you desire.

And thats it. Cheers laugh
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Bug Reports
03/12/18 03:39 PM
Only bringing this back up because I wasn't able to create a Display Name containing a space in unless I enabled "Allow Special Characters In Display Names" -- so unless there's a new bug, or the definition of "Special Characters" has changed, this wasn't actually resolved...?

(Member had a problem registering but she didn't know what the problem was -- I tried manually and got the "no special characters" error. Turned that option on and it worked. I don't want "special" characters in Display Names, but spaces should obviously not be "special")


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General Assistance (How Do I?)
03/12/18 03:52 AM
OK Thanks,

Maybe it could something to throw in the suggestion box.
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UBB.classic Version 5 Assistance
03/10/18 10:54 PM
UBB.Classic as a product was shelved (End of Life) on October 5th, 2006 when v7 of UBB.threads was released; the final build of UBB.Classic was v6.7.3 which was released in 2005. Your release is well prior to that, I don't even have a changelog available regarding a version in the v5 branch. The file dates in the v547e archive that I have on hand, note files being from as late as 2001, and as early as 1998.

The UBBCode in the v5 series of UBB.Classic was extremely limited; the oldest release that I have on hand is v547e, which displays the following coding for UBBCode (cgi-bin/postings.cgi):
sub UBBCode {
my $ThePost = shift;
if ($ThePost =~ /\.cookie/i) {
	&StandardHTML("Illegal HTML tag, COOKIE");
if ($ThePost =~ /\ONERROR\s*=/i) {
	&StandardHTML("Illegal HTML tag, ONERROR");

#auto URL---
$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL|(^|\s)http:\/\/|(^|\s)www\.)(\S*?)".*?(\]|\[\/URL\]|\s|$)/$1$4$5/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(^|\s)(http:\/\/\S+|https:\/\/\S+)(\.?|,?)/$1<A HREF="$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A>$3/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(^|\s)(www\.\S+)(\.?|,?)/$1<A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A>$3/isg;
return $ThePost unless ($ThePost =~ /\[\/.+]/); # only process if there are ubbcode tags

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL\])(http|https|ftp)(:\/\/\S+?)(\[\/URL\])/ <A HREF="$2$3" TARGET=_blank>$2$3<\/A> /isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL\])(\S+?)(\[\/URL\])/ <A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$2<\/A> /isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL=)(http|https|ftp)(:\/\/\S+?)(\])(.+?)(\[\/URL\])/<A HREF="$2$3" TARGET=_blank>$5<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[URL=)(\S+?)(\])(.+?)(\[\/URL\])/<A HREF="http:\/\/$2" TARGET=_blank>$4<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[EMAIL\])(\S+\@\S+?)(\[\/EMAIL\])/ <A HREF="mailto:$2">$2<\/A>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s,(\[code\])(.+?)(\[/code\]),<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="$FontFace">code:<\/font><HR><pre>$2</pre><HR><\/BLOCKQUOTE>,isg;

if ( ($OverrideImages ne "yes") && ($UBBImages eq "ON") ) {
$ThePost =~ s/(\[IMG\])(http:\/\/\S+)(\[\/IMG\])/ <IMG SRC="$2"> /isg;


$ThePost =~ s/(\[QUOTE\])(.+?)(\[\/QUOTE\])/ <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="$FontFace">quote:<\/font><HR><font face="$FontFace" size="$TextSize">$2<\/font><HR><\/BLOCKQUOTE>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[i\])(.+?)(\[\/i\])/<I>$2<\/I>/isg;

$ThePost =~ s/(\[b\])(.+?)(\[\/b\])/<B>$2<\/B>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[list\])\n?\r?(.+?)(\[\/list\])/<UL TYPE=SQUARE>$2<\/UL>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/(\[list=)(A|1)(\])\n?\r?(.+?)(\[\/list\])/<OL TYPE=$2>$4<\/OL>/isg;
$ThePost =~ s/\n?\r?(\[\*\])/<LI>/isg;
return ($ThePost);


So it looks like the only BBCode in this version are those which display in the forum help (NonCGI/ubbcode.html):
Lists, Bold, Italicize, Quotes, Image Tags, Code Tag, then URL/Email.

Bottom line, if you want current BBCode, or care anything for current web standards, you'd need to be running something that isn't 20+ years old.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
03/09/18 08:54 PM
Thank You for the Software Lesson smile
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Bug Reports
03/02/18 12:01 AM
Expiring cookies fixed it for me. I'm waiting to hear back from the OP. Thanks.
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Test Forum
02/27/18 04:56 AM
This is a test of making a post.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/26/18 07:13 PM
upgrade to a current UBB.threads 7.6.x version.

it's built in since version 7.6.0.

from the 7.6.0 changeling:
Added server status error codes ("404 Not Found" or "401 Unauthorized") for when content doesn't exist or the link is unauthorized to that user/spider. Also added "noindex, nofollow" robot tags to those 404/401 pages.
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Pre-Sales Questions
02/25/18 10:25 PM
Well, you'll need a domain name and web hosting (I have a short list of web hosts here); if your site is small, especially if it is new, you DO NOT NEED a dedicated server or VPS, shared hosting or Business Shared Hosting should be fine until said time your web host comes to you about server resources.

Your host will need to support PHP 5.6 (UBB.threads is not currently compatible with PHP7) and should pass all of the tests in my System Requirements Test.

From there you need a license to UBB.threads and then you'll either install it yourself, hire UBBSystems (the vendor) to install it, or hire a 3rd party developer to install it.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/25/18 03:29 AM
Oye. I'm an idiot.

It was Adblocker all along.

Thanks Gizmo
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How do I?
02/24/18 01:48 AM
You can read about the bot; its up to you if you want to ban them with a robots.txt rule (if they respect the robots.txt standard).
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Bug Reports
02/22/18 06:30 PM

I just sent you a PM with a link that also may hopefully help you here. (same as what was sent to pilgrim) smile
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Bug Reports
02/22/18 06:27 PM

I sent you a PM with some links. Cheers laugh
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/22/18 04:18 PM
Isaac - thanks for the image attachment clarification.
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Photo Gallery
02/22/18 08:49 AM
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Photo Gallery
02/22/18 06:04 AM
WOW - Nice bikes!!!

The custom resize code has been updated. Thumbnail generation is now working ask expected. Thanks for this thumbsup
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Photo Gallery
02/22/18 06:03 AM
The custom resize code from your linked thread has been updated. Thumbnail generation is now working ask expected. Thanks for this thumbsup
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Photo Gallery
02/22/18 05:55 AM
Meow, listen here...
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/21/18 01:25 PM
Hi Jake,
I'm not sure this is of any use to you as I'm using a shared hosting solution.

However, I currently run my Joomla site on php7.1 and have UBBthreads (on the same site) running on php5.5

In my forums directory I use a .htaccess rule that points at php5.5
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