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Re: looking to renew :) Mors 7 hours ago
I think I recognize all those names in the credits over the years.. I technically started back in the early 2000's like 2001 etc if I remember right. it was the ubbthreads time frame. I have been through the purchase/mergers etc.. back in the day too.
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Re: gallery test Mors Yesterday at 11:55 PM
Need to click on picture and start a blog from here.
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test Mors Yesterday at 11:51 PM
testing looks the same.
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Re: What triggers page view numbers Morgan 09/22/2020 7:07 AM
Thanks Isaac that was a relief to read. I was worried there for a while
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Re: [NOTABUG] Report Post bug.. Morgan 09/21/2020 7:50 PM
I do understand what Isaac is saying regarding internet is changing.
Also like Ruben I am okay that we agree to disagree.
At least in the location of the icon you are using.. All our members have seen the Report button at the bottom of ea post and they are always looking at the bottom in order to reply, quote, edit and now like. They always look at the bottom of ea post and they are used to read the button text.
Like Ruben I rest my case.
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Re: Forum Permissions Question Ruben 09/20/2020 6:53 PM
Okay then after creating the group then goto to the existing forum permissions say "Bad Man 2020"
Add zero's for the groups that should not have access for can use forum,can read threads, can create threads,can reply to existing threads. Plus whatever else you want. Then add a 1 to those fields for the new group
You can make any change you want.
Like use can see forum for all groups so they know the forum exists but can't read the topics etc.
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Re: Moving UBBthreads Between Servers DennyP 09/20/2020 12:06 AM
Excellent. I will check that out tomorrow. I appreciate the information.
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Re: Member Log In/Password Issues Ruben 09/19/2020 7:36 PM
Understood just providing all the data.
No I did not ,because it was working fine when I and freak logged in after the upgrade because he kept the board closed for several days but the upgrade was done in May 2020.
I have the original backup still.
And the old version was Version 7.5.5

It was a flawless upgrade no errors what so ever even the language files.
AFAIK there have been two with login issues one a week or two ago and one more currently.
Both were members prior to the upgrade as well as others that have had no issues that currently visit every day.
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Re: Broken CP Link JAISP 09/18/2020 6:41 AM
Correction made, thank you very much.

I haddn't gotten around to tracking it down and fixing it at the time of your post so you made my life easier haha. But it helps everyone else in the long run as well.
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Re: Empty Replies and Quotes... Gizmo 09/16/2020 10:34 PM
There are numerous reports of this behavior on outdated forum versions (this was fixed in UBB.threads v7.5.8 and improved in v7.7.5; this happens when special/uft8 characters are inserted on PHP 5.4 or php.ini server configuration that HIDES the entire text block; they are now run through htmlspecialchars); the fix would be to upgrade your forums from your build, which was released in 2010, and to run the content rebuilders once you're running something that isn't severely outdated.

Some of the aforementioned reports:

Also, max_input_vars would only affect editing permissions on sites with a lot of forums, and would have no affect on the reported behavior.

Again, your UBB.threads version was released 10 years ago, before UTF8 became a standard; you should really keep up on updates to both PHP and UBB.threads as many bugs have been fixed in the last decade. There have also been significant security related changes to the UBB.threads package as well as within PHP in the last decade.
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Re: Ignore thread option? isaac 09/11/2020 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by Ruben
Thanks but as a admin v7.7.4 does allow me to ignore regular users at least at 4 other sites.
I thought it did inhibit admins also from ignore

Just mods and global mods.

Admins have full access to every feature. no limitations. Admins are the manager for the entire forum and the complete forum settings and forum software configuration on the server. This is why it is so important to reduce the number of users who have admin access on your site to as close to 1 as you can, and have complex passwords for admin accounts.

This has always been the way. It is not unique to version 7.7.4, or any version of UBB.threads, or even to UBB.threads at all.
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Re: Forum help page Morgan 09/09/2020 7:21 AM
Originally Posted by isaac
Control Panel > Registration

Forum Rules

set it up, and the link to it will be displayed in your footer.

this is what the user agrees to so they can can proceed with using your forum.

edit: it is the blocks of text that you directly copied from my forum about two months ago when you asked me if i had a problem with you using them. My reply then was, "go ahead. just update them to match your forum." and thats my reply also today wink cheers

And I thank you for being able to use your text Isaac, I simply forget where the link is now as it used to be in the top bar.
I was not happy with my previous rules text. It is not easy to write such text in English when you are Swedish so I am pleased.

I used to have a self made privacy text but removed it as I was not happy with it in the long run. I may need to look for such text also if it helps our members.

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Re: php & mysql version needed DennyP 09/02/2020 9:05 PM
I found it via Gizmo's reply. Thank you for the additional reply.
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Re: Page Views isaac 08/29/2020 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by Ruben
His site is very slow now compared to last year.
FREAK is on the current 7.7.4 version
FREAK has cookies set to 30 days plus Who's Online set to 240 minutes.
Originally Posted by Ruben
FYI he has been using some app to fool UBB to think unique visitors visit the site to force the page view count to increase , It does work. It is a stand alone app run from his PC

The Post View Count's cache is processed on two common/frequent actions, and can be triggered manually from the CP.

1. User login.
2. New post creation. Private or public, does not matter.
3. Control Panel > Cache Manager > Update Cache

If you have very few users visiting your forum, then you will have fewer logins. Also with the cookie expiration set to 30 days, you'll have fewer logins, with the "benefit" (not really) of average account security.

If you have very few new posts, then your post counter cache is updated less frequently.

This cache is stored in SQL memory (heap storage) to reduce the number of disk transactions required for this frequent action. The cache is processed and written to disk at key periods with the intent of keeping physical hardware transactions speedy and optimized.

As for the other item you've mentioned, "some app to fool UBB." I have no clue what this would be or how it works, and I can tell you that itis not supported here at all.
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Re: Responsive HTML includes help Needed V7.7.4 Ruben 08/29/2020 10:31 PM
Yes I have and there are a lot of errors as I have said.
I need to recreate the whole includes header and fix it.

So while doing that I wanted to enhance it.
Hence my original question on researching responsive formats..
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