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Announcement/Changelog Discussion
Yesterday at 10:17 PM
OK thank you Gizmo now I get support thing, never mind me mentioning the cf, thanks for your service smile
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
Yesterday at 10:17 PM
Well, you can configure CloudFlare to not cache content by using their pagerules setting and bypassing the cache for the forum folder; you can always go back to NOT using CloudFlare, but it will make it so that your system is not wasting resources (by auto banning users they know are disruptive).
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
Yesterday at 08:46 PM
thanks, my idea ist just gone *puff* smile
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/19/19 09:21 PM
You have two questions going on here, so I'll answer each one separately.

Originally Posted by Ruben
I see on the last progress report.

[FIX] Lots of PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3 fixes. UBB.threads is now compatible with PHP 5.4 - PHP 7.3.

What does that really mean?

That [FIX] could also have be a [NEW] or [UPDATE]. But the reasoning I took for using [FIX] to describe that line was; all of the fixed code that makes UBB.threads 7.7.0 work with PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3, was code which should have been written for UBB.threads initially when it was updated for initial PHP 5 compatibility many years ago.

Just because writing something produces the function you're attempting to accomplish, doesnt mean that its absolutely correct. No doubt there are nearly a billion ways to get something done. Not everything has to be perfect. What code was written in the past, made the program work with the versions of PHP available at that time. Thats what was needed at that time. And probably without that code written, the software would only work with prior versions of PHP, such as PHP 4.x

Now the code has been "fixed" ([FIX]) to make it work how it should have been written in the first place -- or at least enough to make it work well with how strict PHP 7.3 now requires code to be written. The [FIX] changes made it remain compatible with PHP 5.4, while being strictly correct for PHP 7.3.

Originally Posted by Ruben
Is it ready to be available in the members area?
Or are there still other issues like upgrading, etc to address.

Your second question is answered at the top of the thread you were reading. Both the first and the second post of that thread.

Direct link to that answer:
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News and Announcements
01/19/19 08:42 AM
Changelog 2019-01-18
[NEW] CP: A new "Can create portal news" forum permission has been added. This permission allows a group to create news items that will appear on the portal. This is useful when you have news content "Contributor" or "Editor" member groups.
[NEW] Members who can create portal news can now turn any topic in to a news item by selecting a News Icon as they create a new topic or edit a current topic post. Choosing a News Image will allow the topic to display on the forum's News Portal, regardless of it being within a News Forum. Note; topics with a news image will ignore user groups. Anyone will be able to read the topic post regardless of their current group permissions. Only the first post will be displayed on the forum News Portal. To read its replies or download its attachments, users must belong to a group which allows those permissions for which forum the post is located within.
[NEW] Several basic News Images are now included with UBB.threads. When creating your own News Images, the recommended size is a max-width and max-height of 100px. Regardless, your News Images should represent your forum's feel, and thus can also be styled using the .news-image CSS class. This class will style the html img tag.

[UPDATE] The News Portal has been updated with a modern entry page layout.
[UPDATE] Minor layout optimizations to the Who's Online page.

[FIX] Fixed missing IP address in email notifications of Multiple Account Logins and Lost Password Requests. (Thanks to Morgan for reporting this bug!)
[FIX] Lots of PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3 fixes. UBB.threads is now compatible with PHP 5.4 - PHP 7.3. thumbsup
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Feedback & Suggestions
01/18/19 11:54 PM
For new versions:
I would like to have a option here in the full editor to insert a picture from a gallery. This should list my gallerys and let me pick a single picture or the the whole gallery (maybe as slideshow or preview-grid like wordpress mosiac view if yo know)
This could postring picture a little bit smarter

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Language Packs
01/17/19 12:30 AM

ja, habe ich doch extra im readme.txt geschrieben smile Meine Übersetzung ist in utf-8. Wenn dein Forum noch auf iso-8859-1 läuft musst du tätig werden. Zuerst die generic.php anpassen und danach nach umlauten in meinen Files suchen und durch html-codierung ersetzen. Anweisungen wie gesagt im readme.txt

Gruß Zarzal
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/16/19 09:32 PM
Giz, They will not upgrade as 5.6.39 seems the highest.

They moved my VPS into the latest package, where I have 10GB of ram (5 extra). This was just recently created. There is no extra charge and it will give me more ram to play with.

Hopefully my forum will work better again now.
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Language Packs
01/13/19 04:31 PM
If you or your users need a base to start a translation, find them here.

UBB.threads 7.6.2 - English Language Pack.
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Language Packs
01/13/19 04:31 PM
If you or your users need a base to start a translation, find them here.

UBB.threads 7.6.1 - English Language Pack.
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Style Packs
01/13/19 03:33 PM
UBBT70 Style Pack has been updated and is available to download from the Member Area.
  • no css code changes since the initial 20190105 release
  • only the package date was updated.

UBBT75 Style Pack has been updated and is available to download from the Member Area.
  • no css code changes since the initial 20190105 release
  • STYLE_NAME was corrected from "UBBCentral - Marshmallow" to "UBBT75 - Marshmallow" (Thanks to Morgan for reporting this)

UBBT76 Style Pack has been updated and is available to download from the Member Area.
  • The base "UBBT76" was missing from the package. Its now included.
  • Misc css shorthand optimizations for all styles.
  • Removed the unnecessary proprietary css from "UBBT76 - Burgundy".
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Bug Reports
01/10/19 06:53 PM
Originally Posted by JAISP
I wonder why these various browsers cant come up with some sort of standard with reguards to many many things.

Browser engines:
...oh, and operating systems.

Have fun with this.

It evolves. That's why we move past version 1.0.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/09/19 10:22 PM
Don't fret over it.
It was at lest 14 months ago or so
And the customer ended up going to another platform..
I don't even recall what he migrated to..
But he got somebody to do it..
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/09/19 04:26 PM
If you dont like to be transfered to the gallery if you click the thumb picture in the island you can use the code down there. This little modification bring up the full size picture in the lightbox view include the file description (if exists). My next goal: the click should bring you to the gallery and open the selected picture in the lightbox automaticly. A combination of both code boxes. Time will tell ...

$query = "
$sth = $dbh->do_query($query,__LINE__,__FILE__);
list($postId,$fDir,$fName,$fDesc) = $dbh->fetch_array($sth);

$body = <<<EOF
<div class="p2" style="height:180px;overflow:hidden;position:relative;width:180px;display:inline-block;">
<a href="{$config['BASE_URL']}/gallery/$fDir/full/$fName" data-lightbox="gallery" data-title="$fDesc">
<img src="{$config['BASE_URL']}/gallery/$fDir/medium/$fName" alt="" title="" class="p2 cp oi" style="position:absolute;left:-100%;right:-100%;top:-100%;bottom:-100%;margin:auto;min-height:100%;height:180px;">
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
01/07/19 07:46 PM
I do use Plesk on my server to back up system files like email and control panel files for the system. But my web site has well over 20,000 files and is too large to back up. I do maintain a source copy of all the pages on my local system. Those copies do get backed up to 2 places (on site and off site) each night. Additionally, there is a real time backup of changes using Carbonite. It was only the ubbthreads directory that isn't in my souce copy locally since it dynamically changes. I wrote a script to back that up nightly.

So now, I think at most my exposure is one day of new/changed posts and subscriber activity. I can live with that.

Thanks again.
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Bug Reports
01/06/19 12:51 AM
it is generally not good practice for the admin landing page of a large forum to (for example) constantly count over 100,000 files and byte sizes on disk and sum 100,000 lines of text in the database each time the forum admin hits that page, unless they are debugging something related.

as gizmo mentioned, there is a note detailing this within the /admin/dashboard.php file. there is another one mentioned on the control panel's debug setting toggle.

from Control Panel > Primary Settings
Enable Debugging
FORUM: Page generation times, number of queries, memory stats, compression, forum server time, and forum software build information is displayed on the page footer. HTML Page minification is also disabled while debugging is enabled.
CONTROL PANEL: File Attachments stats are generated on the dashboard. Sites with a large number of file attachments may experience a delay in producing the page.

Warning: With this option is enabled, any time there its a database connection error, database connection information is displayed to everyone visiting your forums. This includes your database name, database user name, and the table name that failed connecting to. Passwords are not displayed. Debugging is safe to enable, but for security and overall forum performance, it should remain off.
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Photo Gallery
01/05/19 04:38 AM
I responded, and I just realized I need to upgrade to 7.6.2. Crap.
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Test Forum
01/05/19 03:29 AM
Attached PDF sample

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Test Forum
01/05/19 03:13 AM
I've replied to your first post regarding your question you posted 4 minutes ago @
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/02/19 11:26 PM
Originally Posted by Baldeagle
Any news on progress? It appears that the last entry updating progress was in October. FreeBSD has now officially deprecated php56.

But you're replying to a posting that was posted two weeks ago which gives a progress report... No ETA is currently ready to be issued, as previously stated over other threads; "we're working on it".

We cannot be held responsible for your web host removing basic PHP5 capability, but that's their right on shared hosting servers; having a VPS or Dedicated option gives you control over versions available to your server. Updating the UBB.threads system for PHP7 capability is a gigantic undertaking, this is PHP4 code that's been ported up several times.
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Bug Reports
01/02/19 02:48 AM
You're correct. It is a display/function error. The address thats being displayed is the "Registration Email Address." The email address search box just above the report has a description for "user's registration email address." This and the report should actually be "Real Email Address."

Thanks for this. Updating it now to be more relevant.

There are three different email addresses stored:
Real Email Address -- Only the Member and Admin can view/edit this.
The real/current member email address. This is used for all forum correspondence, such as password reset and followed lists.
The member can update this address whenever they want. This address is required.

Publicly Displayed Email Address -- All members can view this.
The address a user makes publically available on their member profile. If the forum allows Guest to view Member profiles, then Guests can also view this address.
The member can update this address whenever they want. This address is optional.

Registration Email Address -- Only the Member and Admin can view this.
The address which was used by the Member to create their account. This address, IP address, and registration time and date are stored for historical reference. It cannot be updated.

All three of these Member Email Addresses are shown within the first tab of Member Editor (Control Panel)
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How do I?
12/31/18 11:21 AM
If you like to have round corners for all boxes without touching the default wrapper just modify the 'General CSS Properties' -> .t_outer with this code:

border-top: 5px solid #1F4584;
border-bottom: 5px solid #1F4584;
border-right: 1px solid #1F4584;
border-left: 1px solid #1F4584;
border-radius: 5px;
border-collapse: separate;
margin-top: 5px;
margin-bottom: 5px;
background: #1F4584;

border-top: 5px solid #1F4584; create a 5 pixel line on top of each box, set your own color
border-bottom: 5px solid #1F4584; create a 5 pixel line on bottom of each box, set your own color
border-right: 1px solid #1F4584; optional create a 1 pixel line to the right with your own color
border-left: 1px solid #1F4584; optional create a 1 pixel line to the left with your own color
border-radius: 5px; round all 4 corners with a 5 pixel radius
border-collapse: separate; must be set! in the default css somewhere collapse is set and this prevent round corners
margin-top: 5px; distance between 2 boxes
margin-bottom: 5px; distance between 2 boxes
background: #1F4584; set your color as you like
width:100%; use the whole width

This work in all browsers who can read CSS Level3.

Have Fun
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
12/31/18 04:46 AM
EasyApache is a web script in WHM which allows you to upgrade and manage the Apache web server; this notice is simply stating that the older EasyApache 3 is being phased out in favor of EasyApache 4; searching Google I found This post on Interserver about the differences in the two systems.

Please note that managing your hosting environment is out of the scope of the free user to user support on these forums, and we don't commonly provide input on managing ones web server short of the basic server requirements.
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General Chat
12/28/18 02:08 AM
I got a notification about the DNS changing for the domain "" earlier today; looks like the registration dropped and an Asian firm now owns it... Which is odd, because the whois doesn't show that the domain dropped, but that there was time added to its registration period...
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
12/27/18 07:22 PM
No cron jobs are used for UBB.threads 7.

They are now handled in real time/as needed, using simple PHP functions within the /libs/ file.
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