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Bug Reports
Yesterday at 09:44 PM
yes. the "Active Threads" page does not handle the pages the same as the post display pages.

In 7.5.x it would display posts with broken html, would would destroy the entire page, due to the lack of truncated html close tags.

In 7.6.0 it would display pages with pure text and zero formatting. The HTML would be completely stripped.

In 7.6.1 it displays the pages as they were posted and as intended, except long lines are not wrapped like the display is within the post page.

7.6.2 will have that all sorted out.

Thanks for reporting this bug related only to the "Active Threads" list page.
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Bug Reports
Yesterday at 08:48 PM
Awesome. Thank you!

PHP 5.6
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Bug Reports
Yesterday at 08:19 PM
Thanks G.

Its not so important now its fixed smile

Enjoy ..


You need a new prefix on these topics ?

[Not a Bug]
[Just Mark Again]

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Announcement/Changelog Discussion
Yesterday at 07:08 PM
I'm alive on my live forums...
Took the plunge this morning smile

A bit of a Hick-up on my language files but i got around that.
Installed the patch afterwards and the members are loving it smile

Done a test registration and we are rocking....
All bells and whistles accounted for smile

I'm just chipping away as some of the old tweaks that continue to work..
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Feedback & Suggestions
01/14/18 09:17 PM
You can see the member id by hovering over the "view profile" link. It seems like a waste of space to add a row to the member dropdown for just their ID when it exists in the edit user and view profile links...
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Feedback & Suggestions
01/14/18 05:46 PM
My wishlist is still to be able to share a user database with mediawiki so my users who register on the board can use the wiki without a separate login.
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How do I?
01/14/18 02:20 AM
How can I Edit the code for the Icon Select in the /libs/ to default/force a user to have a post icon on the New Port instead of it selecting the blank.gif (No Icon)?
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/13/18 11:35 PM
I just figured out it is only an issue with Explorer, not FF and Chrome.


Figures... cry
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Admin Zone
01/13/18 03:47 PM
Mark S,

Thanks for your response,

I've been manually approving for over 10 years now myself and have noticed many signups don't verify the email. I've wondered if the verification emails end up in spam folders, or they just don't get it.

I agree, generally it has been easy to spot the spammer registrations by the info they put in and a quick Google search.

I'm going to run for awhile with the settings above and see how it goes.

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Bug Reports
01/13/18 01:40 AM
Originally Posted by isaac
Thanks for the update, Bill.

I'm working in patch to get this issue fixed, and released to everyone.

After patch here (at UBB) with User info on Top the Avatars are still different sizes

On My Forum I modified .my-avatar (in styles/common.css) to the following and it seemed to solve that issue in Explorer 11

.my-avatar{border-right:6px solid transparent;height:60px;width:60px;}

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Bug Reports
01/12/18 11:59 PM
The imagic module in PHP isn't the same as the system level binary that you have to specify the link to in the UBB.threads control panel. If the paths are populated, the "test" is where it populates the example graphic; if it works it works, if it doesn't then there is a problem with the system level binary you're linking to.
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News and Announcements
01/12/18 03:08 AM
UBB.threads Patch -- Changelog 2018-01-09
[FIX] Fixed a Login bug where if you had Spider-friendly URLs disabled and attempted to login, the page would display a "File not found" error message above the login options.
[FIX] Permissions within the Control Panel will no longer display a blank entry when the field is null. Those fields are now displayed as just "0" (Disabled).
[FIX] Fixed an IE10/11 user avatar display bug.
[FIX] Fixed missing sticky image and poll image display on the post list.
[UPDATE] Permissions description within the Control Panel has been updated for simplicity and to further clarify the available entries.
[UPDATE] "Max File Size for Displaying Attached Images Inline" has been moved to the main Attachments settings page within the Control Panel.
[UPDATE] Updated Font Awesome library from 5.0.1 to version 5.0.4
[NEW] The Forum Jumper menu can now return you to the current forum's index page when clicking on "Hop To".
[NEW] Attachment Display is now customizable between Grouped or Inlined. Grouped images are displayed as thumbnails grouped together under the post. Inlined images are displayed at full width (while still fitting within the post width) just under the post text.

The items listed above are part of the "Release Refresh" that was pushed to the Member Area on UBBCentral. These items are primarily related to fixing functionality and display issues discussed with solutions on the UBBCentral forums within the first single week of release. The remaining items are feature requests that just happen to have made it in to this patch (possibly by magic).

UBB.threads 7.6.1 (Release 2018-01-01)
UBB.threads (Release Refresh 2018-01-11)
- Release Discussion
- Member Area
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/12/18 02:15 AM
Originally Posted by Gizmo
The Admin Log can be accessed from the Control Panel: CP -> Tools & Information -> Logs -> Admin Log


That's where it is. It's been awhile since I looked for it.

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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/12/18 01:05 AM
Thanks but 0 didn't do it for me. It didn't scroll at all so I deducted the math there and make it -500 and that is very quick now.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/11/18 07:48 PM
So while processing a
small=thumb 200px default
medium=medium 480px defaul
large=full 1920px default... this option in the future could be a menu saying 640, 800,1920, etc etc and end maybe with original size. and it would be handled same as thumb and med.

wishful thinking anyway.. smile

I have taken to much of your time now.
Time for lunch where you are and evening beverage where I am
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Bug Reports
01/11/18 07:19 PM
I was user 2 and had administration assigned to me.

I restored from backup today. I am going to set up a test site to replicate issue to share as should be measure in place to prevent what I did moving people from one user group to another. I ended up being in the group along with our other moderators and all of us were impacted and lost moderator and above functions.

If I can replicate in test site, I will have a before and after db for you to compare and video capture of steps.
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Announcement/Changelog Discussion
01/10/18 08:22 PM
Giz, Thanks to this script I was able to learn how to change settings my self by using the The MultiPHP INI editor.
Thanks a lot the settings are now according to the recommendations.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/10/18 09:52 AM
Thats funny Isaac, Yes I'm an amateur both here on UBBThreads and also when trying to do lay a jigsaw puzzle
I was not sure if the word "bits" was the proper english word for a jigsaw puzzle.. wink
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/10/18 02:21 AM
That would be pretty useful and very cool.
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Bug Reports
01/09/18 06:04 PM
this has been discussed in the main 761 discussion thread at

there is a work-around posted there, to enable Spider-friendly URLs (aka, SEO Friendly URLs).

a patched release is being prepped for posting soon
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Bug Reports
01/09/18 12:15 AM
Ok, I re-downloaded the package from here, totally deleted the database, deleted the entire folder off the server, and uploaded everything again.

Went through all the setup once more and it is working fine now.

Mush have been a corrupt file somehow.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/08/18 09:52 PM
Have been playing around with it, as it is something our users want. So have several people testing different photos, sizes, etc.
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Bug Reports
01/08/18 09:20 PM
this has been discussed in the main 761 discussion thread at

there is a work-around posted there, to enable Spider-friendly URLs (aka, SEO Friendly URLs).

a patched release is being prepped for posting soon

(also, thanks for posting this bug report)
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Community Spotlight
01/08/18 03:12 PM

This is a Chinese forum, of course, welcome to discuss in English.

About Buddhism, freedom, samsara,Chinese Calligraphy,painting.Feel free to easily discuss.

Not many members, but because of interest in the network, interested in UBB, so the site will always run.

grin onoes
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
01/08/18 11:53 AM
If the payment was successful, UBB.threads updates their user group to include the new user group they just subscribed to. They subscription status information is also updated. [SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT]

When the subscription expires, the status changes from active to inactive, and the former subscription group is removed from their account.

They can view the subscription page at any time, and see their subscription history. You can also view their subscription history from the Subscription "Transactions" section of your Control Panel.

As of UBB.threads 7.6.1, the Subscription Details page in the Control Panel can be cleanly printed, if you need to mail it or file it for any sort of records bookkeeping you might do.
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