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Re: Member Permissions Help Gizmo 4 hours ago
What version are you running? Have you modified any stock files?

Originally Posted by domspeak
registered users cannot edit thier profile.
Users should always be able to edit their profile, we don't have a permission to deny it; that'd be a "site" permission if there was one as it wouldn't be forum specific. Unless someone went in and edited scripts/ and changed it to one of these (default is 0) I'm not sure what's going on:
		"admin_only" => 0,
		"admin_or_mod" => 0,

Originally Posted by domspeak
user are complaining they cannot include a link with a reply.
Users should always be able to paste a link into their post, the only thing I an think of is they don't have access to post BBCode in that forum which would be the "forum" permission "Can post using Markup/UBBCode" which would stop them from using all BBCode including bold italics etc.

When attempting to fix #2 i would highly advise never enabling HTML posting, you'll be opening yourself up to security issues, this option should only ever be used for admin/mods that can be trusted with it.
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Re: Forum Privacy Policy ECNet 02/26/2024 11:37 PM
Got it Thanks!
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Re: search error on this site. Gizmo 02/26/2024 6:53 PM
I was unable to replicate this after you had posted, and again today.

I wonder if your login cookie just happened to expire when you were transversing the search pages
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Re: UBB 20 Years button Morgan 02/20/2024 10:44 PM
Looks good 👍✅
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Re: Attachment/Cloudflare issue Morgan 02/20/2024 9:50 PM
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Re: Attachment bug? Morgan 02/20/2024 8:40 AM

This "drag a file it becomes corrupt" issue is a pain. I have not been able to do it for months and yes I believe able to do it once
10 days ago.

If you wish to test it then I or you could set up an account on britbike forum.

that way you could test this issue and possible the other issue with selecting/uploading images described in the other topic.

Let me know if you wish to test on britbike.
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Re: Forums down Nightcrawler 02/15/2024 3:44 PM
Originally Posted by Morgan
Originally Posted by Nightcrawler
The host changed my htaccess file over night and I had to fix it again this morning. I'm begging them now to please allow PHP 7.4 until the forum software can be upgraded.

Nightcrawler if you have a chat with UBBSystems could you ask if they know when/if Version 8.0 will be available?
Then we all could change to PHP8.

They said soon. So, I hope that's the case.
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How is this possible? Baldeagle 02/08/2024 7:49 PM
On our forum, all new users are moderated for their first four posts. After that, they are automatically added to a group that grants them access to a number of things (no moderation, they can add a signature to their profile, they can send PMs, they can view the members' profiles)

We have a new member, whose post is in moderation, and it appears that he has a signature appended to his post. Yet, when I became the member and viewed his profile, there was no signature added. I have verified that the group he is in does not have permission to have a signature.

I'm appending a screenshot so you can see what I'm referring to. You will see that in the signature area is the word Collingniceperson. I'm wondering how this is possible.
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Re: Error Logs Gizmo 02/04/2024 3:19 AM
Standard entries in your web server error/access logs. If you enable MySQL or Admin logging they have their own paths set in your Control Panel but only relay admin actions and MySQL errors.
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