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How do I?
19 hours ago
Oh, that's a relief! I'm super stoked for the upcoming release! So many great fixes and updates, it's spectacular! laugh
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
Yesterday at 09:51 PM
Thank You smile
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Pre-Sales Questions
Yesterday at 05:30 AM
1. There is a "subscription groups" feature to charge for membership levels, but there is no permission to charge per posting.
2. You can export a listing of user emails which you can import into a mailing list; I would avise against trying to send mass mails with UBB.threads as you'll likely get your forum emails tagged as spam.
3. The member area has a vBulletin 3.8 importer; when we do have time to work on additional importing coding it'd likely be against the latest forum database schema.
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Photo Gallery
11/15/17 02:44 PM
My buddha beads. cool
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Community Spotlight
11/14/17 03:47 PM
I started out with the name of a domain called, "AlienDisclosure" back in 2007 with a vision to create a unique research and discussion community forum. It was about offering anonymity to user contributions of posts and research regarding UFOs, conspiracies, and the paranormal... Information regarding such topics would be set-up in a database filing system much like MUFON, but made publicly available. I wanted to create a grander organization and website that offered more to its users that others didn't or had restricted. I didn't finish the site as it would've cost over $25,000 in programming alone.

Then came a blog and I shortened "AlienDisclosure" to "AlienDisc" and started work on only publishing my own research, mainly into the topics of UFOs, extraterrestrials, and military secrets related to such. This blog still exists at, but is pretty much devoid of any new updates, however contains some informative posts...

As of late, I've been investing in a heavily modified UBB.threads powered community forum website at It has undergone many iterations and updates the last couple of months. We just recently made #1 google ranking for a "UFO Forum" and have been receiving many hits from around the world... We're also approaching our first 500 social media followers. I'm working now with my SEO specialist to make it the #1 Paranormal Forum on Google.

The skies the limit and although my original vision hasn't yet come into reality completely, UBB.threads, VNC Web Services, and other Freelance developers have helped shape the foundation of that vision. In the future, I hope to see Aliendisc become very successful as a knowledgeable and trustworthy community website that goes above and beyond other UFO/paranormal forums.

I'm very passionate about UFOs and the paranormal, most of my time is spent toward the effort of disclosing valuable information pertaining to these topics. Better yet, I've personally witnessed extraordinary UFOs and I believe that's important for everyone to know, because it puts me in a unique position to say I run and operate an organization that will without question, pursue the truth of such matters without delay. I understand what other eye witnesses go through in life knowing they've seen something extraordinary.
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How do I?
11/08/17 11:18 PM
I offer Styling/Theming Services privately, if you're not able to replicate this behavior.
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General Chat
11/07/17 09:37 PM
Ok thanks!
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/07/17 08:05 PM
"many of our forum users don't want to learn or adapt to another way from what they already know and use for basic formatting capability"

"basic formatting capability"
1) Highlight the words you want to change the format on.
2) Above the text editor, click the button that matches the format you want that highlighted text to become.
3) profit?

Beyond the information and screenshots I've shared with you about the "in development" status of an WYSIWYG editor, thats the current situation of UBB.threads software today.

I'm sorry that this may not be the answer you want to read, but it is the answer to your question.
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News and Announcements
11/07/17 12:35 AM
Changelog 2017-11-06
[NEW] Google reCAPTCHA v2 API has been added. When enabled, it will be used in place of the classic CAPTCHA system. (see attached example)
[NEW] Added an option within the Primary/Advanced Settings to always "Expand Control Panel Sections" on key Control Panel pages. Thanks to Mark_S for requesting this!
[NEW] Responsive layout on mobile devices (viewport) can be disabled from the Control Panel. This setting disables responsive pages for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All pages viewed on mobile devices will have a desktop style layout similar to the old non-mobile versions of UBB.threads (v7.5.x and older).
[NEW] New Style has been added, "Ventura - Pine"
[UPDATE] CAPTCHA Settings group has been added to the Control Panel within the General settings section. (see attached screenshot)
[UPDATE] CAPTCHA graphics libraries examples will now display the GL being used within each preview.
[UPDATE] Registration settings now only asks if you'd like to have CAPTCHA Verification enabled. It no longer asks the duplicate question of which Graphics Library to use. The GL setting is configured within the General Settings section as CAPTCHA w/ GD2 or IM, or use the ReCAPTCHA API.
[UPDATE] The new 7.6.1 style set, "Ventura - Open" has been renamed to, "Ventura Open." The default style being used on UBBCentral is a slightly customized version of "Ventura Open - Ink."
[UPDATE] Social/Sharing Settings group has been added to the Control Panel within the General settings section. (see attached screenshot)
[UPDATE] Shareaholic setup directions have been updated to reflect the most recent changes on the admin dashboard. A direct link to that dashboard is now also included to make setting up and configuring this API easier.
[UPDATE] Debugging toggle description has been added to explain which features are enabled/disabled when debugging is toggled. As always, If you are not actively debugging a site issue, its advised to have debugging mode turned off.
[UPDATE] Multiple language entries have been updated to further ease of use, and retain consistent terminology across the entire forum package.
[FIX] CAPTCHA now display correctly when the config variables cannot be passed through the url due to higher server security settings within php. This was a long-standing bug from at least UBBT 7.5.0. It has now been fixed.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
11/06/17 04:07 PM
you're running in to the facebook bug. more information on that is discussed as "the second thing" in this post:

The second one is a bug in 760 that has been fixed in 761. its related to the Facebook images on the footer of each post.

Basically, that element under each of your post threads which says, "Tweet". There is a Facebook element right next to it that has a 450px wide iframe, which is preventing your pages from being mobile. This was a very old style of presenting Facebook's like system. They have since updated it to use javascript. There should be a Facebook "Like" phrase right next to Twitter's "Tweet" text also, but I am not seeing it displayed on your website on any of my browsers. So Facebook may have stopped using that old format all together (?). Though the 450px wide iFrame still exists in 7.5.x and 7.6.0's template.

backstory: while working on UBB.threads 7.6.0, I was unaware that there was even Facebook or Twitter integration at all. So it was never noticed until someone mentioned it about two months after the 7.6.0 release. This has been fixed for UBB.threads 7.6.1 by updating both Facebook and Twitter share buttons to follow their currently recommended integration code. In addition, a Facebook "Share" button was also added to 761.
The 760 bug was documented and fixed for 7.6.1 @

The fix for this Facebook iFrame is to just disable that integration in your Control Panel until you get 7.6.1+. This will remove the display problem. This does not affect Twitter at all. You can continue using the 760 Twitter integration without issue.

1) go to Control Panel > Display Settings
2) And then open the "Topic & Post Page Settings" section.
3) Remove the check-mark from the "Show Facebook "Like" Button" box.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
10/31/17 08:15 PM
I would also advise never enabling HTML posting for any user you wouldn't trust with full access to your system, they'll be able to embed JavaScript and flash and make any pages their posts appear on completely unreadable (just imagine shoving a </body> tag randomly in a random post, and going in to have to clean it up).

It's why we have the BBCode system.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
10/28/17 05:18 PM
You can add it within the "Extras Properties" section of your style.

for example:
/* field boxes */
legend{color:#454545;font:900 13px verdana,arial,sans-serif;}
fieldset{border:1px solid #d8d8d8;font-size:13px;margin:4px 4px 8px;padding:4px 6px 8px;}
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
10/28/17 09:21 AM
The account is the member, and i will delete upon request, EU says we have to.

The posts belong to the forum, covered in terms and conditions of posting on a forum.

Deceased members.
Never ending ban.

Or if I remember,

Delete Member
"Delete the account leaving posts and name.
The members title shows as unregistered."

Ive only had two members pass away.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
10/27/17 07:51 PM
I'm reading and taking your advice with me.. Thanks
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Bug Reports
10/26/17 08:26 PM
That was a fun "grasping at straws" bug check, lol.

BTW, once a domain transfer has started it can't be canceled (at least after it's been approved), and I believe that there is a waiting period before it can be transferred again.
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Bug Reports
10/20/17 02:04 AM
The math seems fine to me.

Database Time of:
10/20 1:28 AM -- UTC TIME

6 hours -- America/Regina, aka, Capitol of Saskatchewan, Canada

10/19 7:28 PM -- Time displayed to guests


By using relative time stamps, you are choosing to display times as hours/minutes RELATIVE to whatever the user's current time is. So, if you posted something an hour ago, it will display in relative time as, "1 hour ago" regardless of whatever you've set timezone to.

But if you disabled relative time stamps, each user would see the posted time (UTC) translated to match their current time offset. Guests would use the time offset you've preselected for them. In this case, you've selected "UTC-06:00 - America/Regina" for your guests.
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