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Announcement/Changelog Discussion
09/22/18 01:37 PM
OK found it in >>Can see extra user info

blimey this is good !!! cheers

Feel free to remove my posts here as it was not a 7.6.2 issue
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News and Announcements
09/17/18 12:08 PM
UBB.threads 7.6.2 has been released and is now available to download in the Member Area.

Primary Changes In This Release
  • Private Messages/Topics can now be emailed, so a recipient can keep a copy of their PM/PT offsite using their own email service.
  • Inline display of attached PDF documents.
  • Send Private Message page has been cleaned up and made more user friendly.
  • Member Spotlight island header can now be clicked to visit the Member List.
  • Updated Post Icon selection display for improved mobile friendliness.
  • Updated Member Avatar image and Initial display on Post list pages.
  • Member Avatars in the showflat_side/top templates have been corrected to prevent overlapping/leaking in to the post content.
  • Gallery List page will now display lead image to fit 100% of long edge of the image, rather than cropped to center.
  • Avatar display on Post list pages is now Internet Explorer 11 compatible.
  • Mail Post link will only be displayed to Members.
  • PayPal IPN (instant Payment Notification) Verification Postback has been updated to HTTP/1.1 (HTTPS).
  • Emailing members from the control panel has been updated with several new features.
  • Member Editor will display a notice if the member being edited is banned, and for how long.
  • Control Panel Dashboard will display a notice when Debugging is enabled.
  • Control Panel Dashboard now displays Admin Log and Referrer Log entry counts, and will link to each section.
  • A log entry is now created each time your forum sends an Email. This tool can assist you in spotting members who are using your messaging features to spam your other members.
  • Admin Log entries display can now be filtered to "Show All" log entries, "Mailer Only" or all with Mailer entries hidden.
  • Admin Logs can be automatically purged to a certain age (Lifetime). The auto-purge feature is disabled by default. (CP > Primary > Logging)
  • Admin Logs can now be completely disabled.
  • Subscription invoicing system in the control panel has been updated to improve usability.
  • Subscription Invoice number is now displayed to the Member on their Subscriptions page. They can use that number as a reference point if there are any issues with their Subscriptions. That number can be used in the Admin Subscription Manager.
  • Updated any libraries and assets.
  • Cleanup of language strings, templates, CSS, and JavaScript files.
  • Any code and page validation errors that were found, were fixed.

Version Discussion and Changelog
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
09/17/18 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by isaac
Originally Posted by Slaz
Yet, I can't really blame the host for dropping end-of-life software that isn't being patched anymore, in today's world where security is highly prioritized over features.

Progress on UBB.threads support for PHP7 is definitely a work in progress.
As you're probably already aware, the current core software development, announcements and general how-to guides posted here, are being done by just one person, myself. Lots of support and additional code resources are being provided to me from Gizmo.

As I've written in the ShoutChat box last week, "It's really hard to make a plan for a release, because there isn't a team of developers available 40 hours a week. Sometimes we will have a lot of time to contribute and sometimes we'll have a really busy week."

7.6.2 is being released later today, in hopes of completing that round, and joining the battle for php7 once again thumbsup

Thanks, really appreciate the continued development and dedication to this software! I'll contact my host soon and see if we'll manage something with either longer support for 5.6 or to let it run 'silent' in the back. thumbsup
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Style Downloads
09/17/18 10:04 AM
UBB.threads Style Pack has been updated and is available to download from the Member Area.

UBBCentral Style Pack has been updated and is available to download from the Member Area.

Ventura Style Pack has been updated and is available to download from the Member Area.
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Feedback & Suggestions
09/16/18 12:19 AM
There is no need to "upload" the /cache and /gallery directories, as you would already have them on your current functional install.

The install zip archive includes these for the purpose of a doing a new/initial installation.

Link to the upgrade documentation you're referring to:

* The "Upload these" section are the functional program script directories.
* The "Do not upload these" section are your own forum custom configuration directories.
* Everything else not mentioned are either your forum's /cache or /upload (attachments/gallery) directories.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
09/07/18 05:53 PM
blacklisted by a single user or by a single email server? they are not all one system. each server will reject of filter what it chooses and for however long it is programmed to do that for. some servers do it based upon if the majority user reports the email as spam or if the email address being sent to is not existent or if it's receiving too many messages within a short period of time. ex: 20 messages to in 1 minute.

and then there are some servers who will never accept anything from certain domains. work in a strickt medical or government office? it's possible that anything from Hotmail or Gmail or your domain name containing a triggered term will be blocked.. noreply@ no-reply@ mailer@ newsletter@ bulk@ info@ hello@ donotreply@ ...etc it may be rejected because your email is too short or doesn't include the expected native language, or the phrases used in the email are confusing.

using an email address that isn't your domain, while delivering content on behalf of the forum domain also has a high chance of getting filtered out. ex: sending email from domain.

it's also possible that an email server may be down at the time of your first mailing, but will be back up and running be the time you send out something to them next time. ex: failed delivery. please retry or try again later.

you may also have troubled sending because your emails are not sent securely. an invalid SPF or DKIM or DMARC. Or even if the server sending is but you are using as tour forum email address. that is seen as spoofing to the receiving mail server.

there are many more scenarios than just these, for why your email was not delivered to that single email server. and remember, not all email servers are tied together.

note: typed from mobile. please excuse typos and the phone's auto-corrected shenanigans.
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News and Announcements
09/03/18 05:42 AM
Changelog 2018-09-02
[NEW] Inline display of attached PDF documents. Your forum must allow .pdf file attachments (Control Panel / Features / Attachments: Allowed Attachment File Extensions).
[NEW] Emailing members from the control panel has been updated with several new options:
1/ Each section is now described in full.
2/ The forum email address is now displayed, since it will be the return email add for your mailings.
3/ A notice is displayed regarding users who have chosen not to receive admin emails.
4/ Added an option for insertion of HTML line breaks (<br>) for new lines. This is useful for when you are sending pure text, vs sending something you've created in a third-party HTML editor.
5/ "BCC: Send Email As" is now pre-filled with the forum email address, and is customizable.
6/ "Send Emails One At A Time" is now set as default. This can lighten the load on your host's Email servers when sending out mass mailings, though for strongly advised to use a full-blown email manager (such as "phpList Email List Manager") for managing your websites news letters.
7a/ You can now send out a Test Email of your mailer before you mass email it. This is useful for previewing what your message would look like in your own email program before sending it to your members. The address you enter does not need to belong to a member within the forum database.
7b/ If you link directly to this page without using the member search, your can use the Test Email feature to send emails to non-members using your default forum Mailer Templates.
7c/ This feature is also useful for testing your forum email settings to any email address.

[UPDATE] Updated the URL and PATH language strings to be more specific with regards to "absolute" vs "relative"
[UPDATE] Updated all example urls from "http" to "https" in an attempt to push a recommendation towards using secure connections.
[UPDATE] Subscription invoicing system in the control panel has been updated to improve usability. Columns have been rearranged to match the ordering used in other areas of the subscription system. The member's email addresses are now displayed with their member name. Searching for subscriptions by Display Name is no longer case sensitive, and allows the use of wildcard. Can now search for transactions by registration email address.
[UPDATE] StopForumSpam Lookup & Reporting in the Control Panel now opens in the same page as the user you are editing. This should help prevent mistakes of reporting a wrong user when you have multiple member-editor tabs open at the same time.
[UPDATE] Updated Post Icon selection display for improved mobile friendliness.
[UPDATE] Updated Member Avatar image and Initial display on Post list pages.
[UPDATE] Updated language mentions of BBCode language from "[image]" to instead use the "[img]" term. This is purely aesthetic. Both uses of the BBCode are still valid.
[UPDATE] Added basic header information to the Email template.
[UPDATE] Updated Font Awesome library from 5.0.9 to version 5.3.1
[UPDATE] Updated PHPMailer library from 5.2.25 to version 5.2.26
[UPDATE] Updated Smarty library from 3.1.31 to version 3.1.32
[UPDATE] Updated Autosize asset from 4.0.1 to version 4.0.2
[UPDATE] Updated Dropzone asset from 5.4.0 to version 5.5.0

[FIX] Fixed Gallery List page to display lead image to fit 100% of long edge of the image, rather than cropped to center.
[FIX] Fixed Avatar display on Post list pages to be Internet Explorer 11 compatible.
[FIX] Fixed a minor HTML validation error within the Email templates.

Changelog 2018-09-16 (last minute stuffs. you saw nuthing)
[NEW] (UBBT Upgrader) now checks and displays installed UBB.threads version based on variables stored in the current database.
[NEW] (UBBT Installer) A sample forum is automatically created under the main category.
[NEW] (UBBT Installer) The list of Search Engine Spiders for UBB.Threads is pre-populated.
[UPDATE] (UBBT Installer) Default variables have been updated to reflect modern internet forum standards.
[FIX] (UBBT Upgrader) Upgrader now correctly upgrades from UBB.threads 7.5.6p1, 7.5.6p2, and versions.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
09/03/18 12:55 AM
Thanks for being a guinea pig for me! I got it to work when I used another email address.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
08/31/18 05:44 PM
Okay This was not the who is online island nor the online page but when you view forum summary it lists number of viewers next to each forum title..
It was the setting in General-who's online
Who's Online Timeframe:
It had a value.
By blanking out this value did the trick.
He does not use the who is online feature at all so it should be okay.
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