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Re: Non-Admin users can't see attached pictures jjjjj 10 hours ago
Thank you, resolved.
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Re: Error on Inert into POSTS jjjjj Yesterday at 11:34 PM
I created a new test forum, and did not get any errors on the same instance. I cleared the test database, and imported from production, and it worked fine. I can only assume this had something to do with the migrations. I have promoted the test to production, and am having no problems with character formatting in insert. Not sure there is a root cause, if the developers want any of the config files, I have them from both the working, and non-working instances.
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Re: [NOTABUG] Report Post bug.. Morgan Yesterday at 11:59 AM
Here I am with some new thoughts. see its as what it is thoughts.
Just want things to be more clear and don't want to clutter

Gizmo said
in this case we opted to move the post sharing and report post options to a post management dropdown to the right of the post in a downward chevron (ultimately exactly like Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter, etc) versus adding multiple new buttons which will skew the design and make it look more cluttered.

Ok I get that, what I see now is that one can either use the existing buttons at the bottom right (Like, Reply, Quote) and in some cases it also read (Edit) first.
and our regular new or old members one has also to look up to the right corner and click on the downward chevron before discover the extra menu.

One thought is If I use a cursor could it be changed so that it is an onload feature so I see it the menu just by pointing at it?

Also I wonder would it be possible to actually use a "downward chevron button" or "More" button to the right of the other buttons instead?
This way one would not have to use more buttons and clutter.
The positive would be that all options are at the same place down to right of ea post.

I hope you understand what I try to explain as you know English is not my first lingo.
Just trying to give my and my members feedback.
Cheers and thanks.
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Re: 7.7.4 move group all, fails with a error isaac 07/09/2020 5:11 PM
There has been a lot of changes in the dochangeusergroups.php file from 7.7.4 to the currently unreleased 7.7.5

the following fix should get you back in business:

FIND around line 94
$aquery = preg_replace("/t1\./", "", $aquery);

// $aquery = preg_replace("/t1\./", "", $aquery);

This line and the whole section has been unchanged in all prior versions for at least the past 10 years -- since at least 7.5.5 from 2010.

UBB.threads 7.7.5 will have useless code removed and known bugs fixed.

One of those a long time bugs which will be fixed with the release of 7.7.5 is:

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
ADD TO: works as expected

[Linked Image]
REMOVE FROM: does not work

basically, ALL MEMBERS IN SEARCH + REMOVE FROM GROUP does not work for versions 7.7.4 and prior.
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Trial Subscription question. Ruben 07/03/2020 6:34 PM
I have never tried the trial portion.
And am curious on how it works as far as a user goes.
I enabled it and started to subscribe.
But did not complete the transaction.
What I see is the initial charge is the trial price.
But what happens after?
When the trial expires does it revert to the recurring price for billing or does the member need to go back and subscribe again.?
Can a member just sign up for a trial again after the initial trial expires?

I have had issues with paypal before on subscriptions.
Not with UBB but with paypal.
And wanted to know how it is supposed to work before I do a complete test.
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Re: Unread posts no longer tracked per user... isaac 06/27/2020 4:19 AM
customer: i need help. i may have broke something.

webhost tech support: i fixed the problem, boss.

[Linked Image]
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Re: Max Image file size upload Gizmo 06/13/2020 4:06 PM
Originally Posted by jjjjj
I figured it out, needed to restart the webserver to pick up the change.
Yes, any changes to the webserver configuration must be reloaded to take effect.

Originally Posted by jjjjj
As for large files, I have modified ubb to accept mp4's, and other video formations, and run them through AWS MediaConvert for streaming transcoding and packaging. All the content is then on S3, which I have as a mounted file system. I have it set for 500mb.

I am running on AWS LightSail, 2.50-5 dollars a month for the instance and 15-20 per month for storage. We run a lot of pictures and video, about 10Tb which are mounted on S3 storage. Very nice performance at very low costs. The only setup issue with a fresh forum is you have to manually go in and set a lot of file/directory permissions. I have a cloud AMI image if anyone wants it that has the forum already built, just have to create an instance from the image.
That's actually a pretty interesting setup; I'm glad to see someone taking an out of the box solution and making it their own.
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