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Bug Reports
2 hours ago

Upon adding a new Group with a new Group Image, I noticed that users who had an image set before the change, would end up losing what they had saved for their profile and had to re-apply their group image(s)... Could this be fixed or is this just something unavoidable? I'm using the Group function as a way for my users to earn new "badges" (Group Images) for special events and eventually, competitions. The concept is, if they win a competition, they'll be added to a group with a new image (badge) for their profile.

I think it's a great rewarding system... i.e. What I've got going on now is, the first 100 registered users receive a badge (image) because they've been added into a custom group that's only for the first 100 registered users... and for December, active users in the month receive a limited edition 2017 Holiday Tree... lol. smile Anyways, I hope creating further new groups can somehow stop resetting what users have chosen to display on their profile...
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Feedback & Suggestions
12/02/17 08:40 PM
There was a mod many versions ago that had a popup dialog. So I assume with some coding playing a wav file would be no different. But mods are not supported here so you should ask at
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Feedback & Suggestions
12/02/17 04:42 PM
Gizmo, I have written to your email from your profile, please take a look. Thank you!
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/30/17 01:28 AM
Hi everyone,

Remember the good old days of MSN Messenger, AOL, Yahoo Messenger? They usually had a new message received sound effect. Facebook and other apps usually have one too and I thought it would be cool to have a feature added to the Shout Box, when someone sends a new shout, a simple sound would ding. Anyways, just a suggestion! smile Even a ding for the messages feature would be cool too. "You've got mail" xD
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Bug Reports
11/28/17 09:57 AM
I have been having the same issue, and after some debugging, I found that it was a permission issue.

This directory was not set to 755:


It was set to 664 after the previous upgrade for some reason.

Now captcha is working fine.

I hope this helps someone.
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/27/17 08:49 PM
I am generally available for services, you can view my upgrade service offering page here.
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/27/17 12:35 PM
Thanks, Gizmo, I've sent an email to
By the way, may be you can find some time to help us with forum upgrade? We will pay how much needed for sure
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How do I?
11/26/17 01:28 AM
First you'll need to create a Custom Island (CP -> Portal -> Custom Islands), then you'll edit the forum details (CP -> Content -> Forums -> Details) and select the Custom Island as an Ad Island under "Custom Island Insert" in the "Custom Inserts" tab.

Now, you'll need to set the permissions for "Must view Ad Island" from the Forum Permissions (CP -> Content -> Forums -> Permissions or CP -> Permissions -> Forum).
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How do I?
11/25/17 11:41 PM
How do I set up the Ad Island?
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
11/25/17 08:16 PM
There you go.
We can't help much if you don't provide all the details.

It would have helped if you told us you changed to php7 up front.
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Photo Gallery
11/25/17 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by M4TT
That is a beautiful temple!

This is not the most beautiful.There are many majestic and beautiful temples in China.
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Photo Gallery
11/25/17 02:40 AM
That is a beautiful temple!
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Photo Gallery
11/25/17 01:11 AM
Phone shot, the effect is not very good . grin
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/24/17 09:24 PM
You could try emailing Isaac and I are 3rd party/contracted developers, and have no hand in the day to day operations of UBB.threads.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
11/24/17 09:23 PM
UBB.threads does not currently run under PHP7, the recommended PHP version would be PHP5.6, or at bare minimum PHP5.3.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
11/24/17 09:14 PM
Well I had php set to 7.0 I went back in and changed it to 5.6 and it immediately took off...I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
11/24/17 06:08 PM
Not sure what you mean,at least what was happening during the 10 minute wait.
But when you open the forum in the browser.
It should connect to the database in less than seconds.
If it has issues with the database connection.
It will display a generic error instead of the forum immediately .

What were you doing when you waited10 minutes?

Could be some html includes you have added that don't work causing to page to take forever to load and not a database issue..
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
11/24/17 05:34 PM
How long is it suppose to take to connect to the DB? I have been waiting now 10 minutes.
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/24/17 11:52 AM
I have written to them more than week ago, but no answer recieved frown
So I decided to write here
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/24/17 09:16 AM
This is a user to user support forum, only the UBB.threads helpdesk can retrieve such information.
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/23/17 03:51 PM
I am a coder of a website
We have your forum installed there
It's version is old, we want to update it to the latest one. I don't want to update it by myself, I want to pay you to update it.
When I try to buy this option at your website, it asks me about license or an email connected to the license. But we don't remember anything of it - it was installed about 10 years ago, and the guy who has made it is out of the coverage now.
How can we do this?
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
11/22/17 09:43 PM
Which charset should be used with the forum? Currently mine is running latin1_swedish_ci

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/22/17 09:08 PM
This is a feature that is already slated for a future release.
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Feedback & Suggestions
11/22/17 06:11 PM
I think it would be a nice feature to thumbs up or rate an individual post. For example, it could show how many times it was approved of. This could cut down on unnecessary replies that could be a short approval.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
11/22/17 06:02 PM
Thanks guys!

UBB.threads version 7.6.1 fixes the "Last Post" column to replace that forced "nw" (no wrap) with an auto adjusting ellipses. That update enables the column widths to adjust on tablets to not push content off the side of the screen.
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