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How do I?
Yesterday at 11:36 PM
This forum is for everyone,

Thanks for the clarification Gizmo. Makes me feel a bit better. smile

Our little NFL pool table is not a priority for the board owner after he did the change and we understand that. We were having a hard time with the fact that our "solution" on keeping the alignment has worked for a number of years but no longer did and I was looking around for if we were doing something wrong now or another way of achieving the same result under the new forum software.
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How do I?
Yesterday at 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by TheBrit
(I didn't realize this forum is only for board owners and deeply apologize for that and will stop posting. blush )
This forum is for everyone, but only your forum administrator (someone capable of editing files within the forum installation) can make use of any changes. Additionally, the admin user would be the one who generally has operational knowledge of the forum, which users generally wouldn't have any access to, but what we'd need to be able to provide any level of support.
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How do I?
Yesterday at 10:51 PM
Thanks for all the help Isaac despite me not being the board owner thumbsup

I will bring this up with the board owner as it may solve other issues members are bringing up with the new software.

(I didn't realize this forum is only for board owners and deeply apologize for that and will stop posting. blush )
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
Yesterday at 09:20 PM
I run an update from 7.5.6p2 to 7.6.2 on a site witch contains 3 language packs. The update scripts comes to 'update language files automaticly' I say go on and it doesnt come back, the frame stay blank. I try it sometimes but no success. In another run I have to click to change my files manually to go on.

I take a deeper look and found a problem that maybe forced this problem:
/language/admin/dogroupmanage.php missing php in the first line

In one of my own language files was a closing ?> missing at the end. I fixed it and hope the update to 7.7 runs smooth.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
Yesterday at 08:59 PM
I use ubb.threads for a very long time starting with a v6 version centuries ago. I life in Germany and this includes to use german special chars like öäüß (umlaute). This can you drive crazy and I like to share my experience with this and how to handle it.

If you install a brand new version 7.6.2 from stock you create a utf-8 databse, the install script create utf-8 tables and the language files (generic.php) contains the utf-8 string. All language files are in utf-8 coding. So you dont have any trouble and can use any king of char you like. It display always correct. The only thing to watch out for: while editing a language file offline use a editor (I use notepad ++) who can keep the file coding. Be carefull, check if utf-8 ist selected and not ansi or something else.

The second precaution is coding the special chars with html. Example
Ä -> Ä

I alwas use the coding in my language files to avoid any surprise. But watch out for the mailer text strings! Some of them sent out in plain text and the coding will not parsed. Theses strings must contain the char itself.

Back to my old installation and the problems I encounter after updating to 7.6.2

My database runs in utf-8 but the tables was created in swedish-latin-1 long time ago. To use german chars the coding in generic.php was set to iso-8859-1. This work but if you interact with rss feeds to a utf-8 site you run in trouble. You will see ? for a special char. Sad.

Now we have to change everything. Setting the language string in generic.php to utf-8 dont fix our problem. We must digg little bit deeper. Close your forum and do a backup of the database. I use mysqldumper for this. We need it later for some steps because the tables are to big for normal importing.
After doing your backup go to phpmyadmin and watch your database tables. We have to chance the collate to utf-8. This can be done with this SQL-statement
or from the options menu inside the table.
If you have done this to all tables go to your generic.php and set the language code to utf-8
Now you encounter a lot of display errors in your forum. The special chars look strange and need to convert to display properly. I go this way to do it:
Create a test post with all you chars you need to convert. View this post with phpmyadmin in uub_Post table at the end of the table. You will see the correct coding and can use it für copy/paste for the next step.
Next step: export with mysqldumper the table for posts, download it, edit it with notepad++ and do a search&replace for any special char in your test posting. Re-Upload it and do a restore of this table with mysqldumper. Repeat this with Post-Topic and both private posts tables. This will convert 99% of all chars.

After this operation your ubb runs in utf-8 and is prepared for V7.7
Please note that is my way to do it without any warrenty. You should know to handle phpmyadmin and mysqldumper

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General Assistance (How Do I?)
Yesterday at 08:29 PM
Thanks, found this solution already in the linked answer.
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Language Pack Downloads
Yesterday at 08:27 PM
I just working on it, stay tuned smile I found some trouble with the coding of non-english chars and will write something about this in a new thread. My translation is 80% ready
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How do I?
Yesterday at 05:57 PM
I believe what you are talking about is the font used for the forum TEXTAREA boxes (the Forum Input box). In previous versions of UBB,threads, it was unset and would use whatever the browser software was programmed to use. There was no default font set. IE would use its proprietary font setting which was different from Firefox, which was different from Opera, which was different from Safari...etc, So each visitors using different browsers (or operating systems) would see the website differently. Since UBB.threads 7.6.0, there has been a default/basic set of display rules added, so that each user on different browsers would share a common experience.

In this order, the default common font-family used for <textarea> is "arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif".

To modify that default:

1) Go to Control Panel > Styles
2) Find the forum style you'd like to update, and click its name.
3) Navigate to Forum Properties > .forum-input
4) add to the bottom of that list, "font-family:Courier New;"
Click on "Update or Add Style" button at the bottom.

Your change affects the <textarea> form fields across your entire forums for that single Style.

Note: your long lines will still wrap for mobile devices. To prevent that, use the [code]your content[/code] bbcode tag
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How do I?
Yesterday at 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by TheBrit
Do you think if I could persuade the board owner to change the default font from Ariel to Courier New that that might work?

From your previous post, it is my understanding is that you are an end user. not the forum owner/operator of

If you are not the forum admin, you will need to contact the admin of the forum you are having issues with. has no power to modify any external website.

But, If you are the forum admin, you could make those desired changes to your forums fonts and design style. You would also be able to disable mobile view entirely. Those settings are available within the UBB.threads Control Panel, which is accessible with a forum admin account.
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How do I?
Yesterday at 02:54 AM
Well I worked out a round-about way of doing what we needed, it's not pretty though and does not take mobile phones into consideration which as I say is not a priority for what we are doing. This is what I've suggested they do.....

1. hit "quote" as before.

2. highlight ALL the text in the reply box and "cut" it.

3. open notepad and paste the copy into it.

You should now be looking at the grid in the same way as before with everything aligned and all the bbcode tags.

4. remove the "quote" tags at the beginning and end of the post.

5. make your selections.

6. highlight and copy the complete amended grid.

7. go back to the reply box.

8. paste the amended notepad content that you just copied into the reply box.

9. Do a preview to make sure it looks ok.

10. post your reply

Not pretty, but it works.

I still think if the default font was Courier New instead of Arial it would work as before but have no way of testing that.
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How do I?
Yesterday at 01:51 AM


16 games, Bye Week:


XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .HOU .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx



XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx


XXX @ XXX .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx .xxx

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How do I?
12/14/18 11:18 PM
still not having any luck Isaac.

Do you think if I could persuade the board owner to change the default font from Ariel to Courier New that that might work?

Is there any way of testing that ?

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