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General Assistance (How Do I?)
4 hours ago
I totally ran across this thread on accident. But BOY do I NEED it! I have a forum that's probably 20-25 years old and still running strong, and upgraded to SSL (https) last fall...and never did the database on the rest of the site (forum) because I didn't want to crash it. It's so HUGE. so I basically just did the homepage, and some other non-forum pages on the site, but I Really need to do the forum cause it's affecting SEO already having mixed content. Bless you! for writing/starting this thread, and everyone who has contributed to it. I'm a website developer (mostly wordpress) who picked up this client with this old site with this UBBThreads forum on it, and it's been a struggle for me ever since I picked it up, but he really hasn't run across anyone in the area even as knowledgeable as I am, which doesn't say much really.

I'm going to read through this, as I contemplate updating some db tables, gently, one at a time. But if anyone is super-experienced and wants to lend a hand, PLEASE don't hesitate to offer. (LOL)

Anyway, ...GOOD STUFF. :-)

Our Forum:

Everything I.T.
Oxnard, Ca.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
Yesterday at 09:03 AM
Also, reading the ERROR you've shared in your initial post,

Warning: include(): Failed opening '/libs/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /users/ on line 9

it looks like you have an invalid path there:

change to:

...or whatever the correct absolute path on your server should be.

And this is the reason why your initial install would fail.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
Yesterday at 08:11 AM
From your PM to me earlier today.
Originally Posted by Broadwing
I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I do need someone with expertise, patience, and a decent "bedside manner." If you would look over the history of my problem, at this thread mySql Problem then I would be grateful, sir.

Thank you for your time.

Its usually good practice to post support answers in the public forum, so others can also benifit from them.

Originally Posted by Broadwing
Step 1 passed. Step 2, I entered the correct connection information that had been verified by the test script. Step 3 gave me the message "Connecting To Server"

As Ruben and Gizmo has posted earlier, this sounds exactly like a DATABASE CONNECTION ISSUE on your web server. You'll need to get the database connection information directly from your server/webhost.

You mentioned that you downloaded the Test Script and used information from that script for connecting to the DB. If you are coming from an upgrade after moving to a new server, you are probably pulling in old server connection information from config files which are irrelevant to your new server.

Again, those details should be retrieved from your current server/webhost. Not from an old install.

My suggestions:

For a new install:
1) Download a fresh copy of the ubbthreads-7-6-1 archive from Member area.
2) Follow the directions listed here:

For a forum upgrade:
1) Download a fresh copy of the ubbthreads-7-6-1 archive from Member area.
2) Follow the directions listed here:
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
Yesterday at 03:58 AM
Update: I purchased a domain through GoDaddy to try and do an install there. They confirmed they use PHP 5+ and are mysql_connect compatible. I had tech support there run a mySql diagnostic on the database I created for the forums. The test script was able to connect to the database using the database name, login, and pass. I then ran the install.php for UBBthreads. Step 1 passed. Step 2, I entered the correct connection information that had been verified by the test script. Step 3 gave me the message "Connecting To Server" and remained that way for nearly 40 minutes before I called it quits.

GoDaddy supports both mySql_connect and mySqli, other UBB forums run on their servers. The tech believes there is an error in the install script that prevents it from connecting to the database. He directed me to try to learn the steps needed to convert and allow mysql_connect to be used on machines using mysqli. Apparently, mysql is being deprecated. I have found several methods, but all involve the working scripts and not an install script.

So, I've tried installing at two vastly different hosting companies, one Unix and one Linux, and had the same result. I would appreciate someone looking into this now.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/16/18 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by peter gariepy
Not being technical not a clue on DKIM, SPF, or MAIL SPOOLING are over my head.

Which is exactly why it was recommended to contact your web host; hosting configurations and DNS records are outside of the scope for forum support provided on these user to user forums.

Your SPF and DKIM records are ones that change every time you move email hosts, I don't know what the values would be on your new host as they're generated through your web host.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/16/18 06:12 PM
First thing is access the email account the forum uses and send a email directly to somewhere not from ubb.
If it is a hosted email account you probably have a web address to access it directly for use.

If you have another personal email account send it there.

See if you get a returned email or that it delivers.

If it gets returned it will have some errors that may be helpful.

There are also lots of blacklisting services to check.
Googly blacklist you can enter email or ip to see the results.
Just remember that Isp's don't use every blacklist service and there are numerous ones out there.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/16/18 01:17 PM
DNS: DNS setting are completely generic and managed by bluehost.

BLACKLISTING: The domain was registered only 5 months ago, and was not used until the switchover to the new host in January. The domain is completely clean according to

Not being technical not a clue on DKIM, SPF, or MAIL SPOOLING are over my head.

Any other thoughts?

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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/16/18 06:24 AM
The mailer was sending files out using the temporary URL with BlueHost, once the domain was moved over it was not sending mail over the domain; since mail went out through the main handler the issue is host related (as UBB.threads was able to send mail out on the temporary URL). Your host will have access to mail spooling to read any logs that're processed through their system that your CPanel user account does not have access to.

It could also be something related to DNS propagation at the time (which in this case should have sorted itself out), or it could be that a DKIM or SPF record on the domain is incorrect, your domain may be in a in a blacklist, etc.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/16/18 05:35 AM
You can send a password to the user via the control panel, and they can change their password with the information contained in the email. See the "Send Password" tab when editing a user in the control panel.
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/16/18 05:11 AM
Any way to reset a members password in control panel?
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General Assistance (How Do I?)
02/16/18 05:08 AM

---My forums were originally on hosting. Worked great. Unfortunately had to move off of Webintellects.
---Moved it to GoDaddy. Apparently that was a bad move. The forums worked great, but wouldn't send email. (new registrations, password resets, etc.)
---People smarter than I recommended I move OFF GoDaddy. Live and learn. So....
---Moved it to The forums worked great, but STILL wouldn't send email.
---Recommended i move it to a hosting company that had a proven track record of working great with UBBT.
---Moved it to Same problems. Wont send emails.

I know of no way to diagnose the problem.
None of the hosting companies can provide any assistance.
Obviously I don't have a clue what i'm doing wrong.

So, anyone out there have any recommendations?

I'm out of options.

Thanks in advance if you can provide me some guidance.


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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/13/18 08:05 PM
If you want to try another dry run, remove the following entries from the install/UPGRADE_CHANGES.txt (you shouldn't need to remove the 760 lines that remove the files):
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/autosize.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/css3-mediaqueries.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/dropzone.css
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/dropzone.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/html5shiv.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/jquery.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/close.png
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/jquery.rotate.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/lightbox-plus-rotate.min.js
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/lightbox.css
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/loading.gif
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/next.png
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/prev.png
VERSION-7.6.0:NEW: ubb_js/lightbox/rotate.png
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/13/18 08:02 PM
Thanks for the file location and cautionary info.

I am working through understanding the logic that went into the creation of the software. I do have two forum installs. Until I am comfortable with the mechanics of this specific install and upgrade issue, I am hesitant to jump into an upgrade with my other forum.

The provided info helps understand the structure of the header/footer configuration.

The "styles" is still a big question....
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/13/18 07:40 PM
All configuration variables are stored in the includes/ file; however it is recommended to never directly edit the file (as failure to adhere to the precise format of entries will result in your forums not working), and to use the Control Panel to adjust your configuration.

All headers/footers are stored in the includes/header*.php and includes/footer*.php (names vary based on if it is a header/footer for each forum, or if it is the general header/footer). The header insert option (CP -> Display -> General) is also kept here as header-insert.php. Additionally, individual forum introductions also exist in this folder.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/13/18 05:03 PM
It is strongly suggested not to modify code outside of the cp interface.
Due to some info is placed in the database from the cp and unless you know exactly what you are doing you could hose your board.
For example styles even though there is a text file for each style it is stored in the database and they must match

But here it is.
under the Includes folder. config file that holds some of the values plus body onload
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/13/18 09:01 AM
I appear to have resolved the majority of my issues and now have forums that work. with slight problems.

I have isolated it down to a "styles" selection and been able to get a fair display.

However, I am trying to determine where the specific settings are stored that are entered in the "control panel > general display". I would like to retrieve that specific file from my backup and review some custom header and footer code.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/13/18 12:07 AM
Read My PM.
You don't even have a built database at this point, so it is a waste of time to try to keep running the forum till you
complete the install script.

If you get the phpmyadimn to work you will see there is nothing there.

The first thing is to fix the server connection issue to complete the install script or you are dead in the water.
The $config['FULL_PATH is not even set at this point in the config file again till you complete the install script.

Nothing will work at all till the install script completes.
It builds the database it creates the paths and settings to run the forum
So your database and config file are blank paths are blank at this point in time
Till you resolve your connection issue and complete the install script.
I offered to help in the pm ,but i would need access to your site control panel.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/12/18 04:25 AM
phpMyAdmin is not working. I've notified my host to get that fixed.

1) I created the database.
2) Set login and password exactly.
3) Ran the install script again.
4) Set permissions on the database to 777.
5) Received the message that connecting to server and database failed.

Trying to access my forums gives this message now:

"Warning: include(/libs/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /users/ on line 9

Warning: include(/libs/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /users/ on line 9

Warning: include(): Failed opening '/libs/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /users/ on line 9

Database error only visible to forum administrators"

Line 9 of that script reads: include("{$config['FULL_PATH']}/libs/");

libs is there as is the script called out.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/11/18 11:38 PM
the default database table prefix is ubbt_
Unless you changed it during the install.
You can look in phpmyadmin in your site control panel as well as see the full database name and users if your versions allow to see everything.
Otherwise go back to the main view of your site controlpanel and look for something like mysql. They are all a little different depending on what control panel your host provided but it would be where you created the database and user to begin with.
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Version 7 Installation Assistance
02/11/18 09:51 PM
It looks like the database connection is being refused; please validate the correct MySQL database user, host, and password are correct. Some control panels have their user accounts as [site username]_[created database user] (ie siteuser_username), please validate that wherever the username is displayed that it is displayed EXACTLY as you're entering. If you are copying and pasting you'll want to make sure that you're not copying any " " blank characters (which tends to happen when copying from an email or a web page). You'll also want to make sure that the created MySQL user has been granted sufficient access to the new database that you've created.

Some control panels do not assign the same password to the MySQL database user as the FTP password; try going into your web hosts control panel and change the database password to what you think it already is.

The table prefix is simply what you'd like the table names prefixed with; if you have multiple installs in the same database you would set the prefix on install B as a different one from install A so that the databases can run along side eachother. The default is fine, and there is no validation necessary for this field.

I have just validated that the latest copy of the v7.6.1 install archive from the member area is capable of running a new install without any problems.
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Photo Gallery
02/11/18 07:23 PM
Yup, was confirming if the issue was related to new code since it worked on my 7611 installs.
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Bug Reports
02/11/18 01:49 PM
Thanks Morgan. I received your previous 4 posts relating to this issue. I don't plan on doing anything about it at 5:30am on Sunday morning. I'll look in to on Monday even, when I get home from work. Thank you for reporting this.
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Bug Reports
02/11/18 01:46 PM
Isaac, it look like this forum has same issue as i describe above
see here I uploaded a post yesterday and so did Gizmo
10 167 Read More
Photo Gallery
02/11/18 01:41 PM
It looks like you have the same problem as I do in post
2 84 Read More
Bug Reports
02/11/18 12:00 PM
I'm using and host say they installed ImageMagick 7.0.7-22 Q16 x86_64 2018-02-10

Isaac, I must say this is wonderful news HOWEVER I have one issue

after testing several times this is my feedback.

It resizes and compresses as it should BUT when using the Gallery with the new (Isaacs) codestring it does not upload thumbnails or medium size images anymore
only the full size. see attachmens here

Link to the gallery posts are here

link to the post with new code that did not work

Do you have any ideas what it could be?
I cut out and pasted only the exact code that you wrote above

PS here is a link to the forum attachment that worked fine

attachments below:
Left thumbnail shows when using unedited code
middle shows when edited code is used
right image shows three images please read the header of each but the left broken as it shows no thumbnail
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