I have a phpBBv3 board that I'd like to convert to UBB.T

I ran the importer against the phpbb3 database and it brought the users and topics over but no posts. The forums were also added to the ubb tables but they won't display in ubb, so basically there are no forums displayed.

I dropped all the ubb tables and ran another import against the phpbbV2 database which of course is a bit out of date from the current v3 database.

Everything came over this time, but sadly none of the image attachments so any topics that utilized the file/image attachment feature (a phpbb2 mod) are simply missing.

Ideally it would be nice to see the phpbb_import script to be updated for phpBB3 so I (and any other v3 users) can import their boards to a UBB.T system.

Any interest in this project? I would be more than willing to provide any phpBBv3 information (database structure, tables, etc)...