Thank you for the positive reply,

That will be a very good sign for the next version,

I am old customer with UBB, since 2000 (wwwthreads) , and I upgraded my ubb to all versions since 2.x if I am not mistaken I cant remember exactly the version # (become old smile ) .

And to tell you the truth, every time the script become bigger, the performance become slower , even now most people using ADSL , and very rear connecting with dail-up , but I feel that wwwthreads was very fast with dail-up in that days, why ?? Because of code simplicity !!!

The fastest bulletin boards script available until now is forumKIT 1.2 , its owned by Khalid AlDousri , owner of one of the largest sport website on the net (English), and (Arabic) the global site rank is 249 only , it has +15,000,000 members and over than 170,000,000 posts , he have online users in the peak hrs reaching to 250,000 at the same time .

This script is not for sale, and he design this script for his website only , and he got an offer to sale the script for 6 million USD but he rejected the offer .

Why this script is fast ?? because of simplicity , very very simple but very very high in performance .

I am really jealous of this, why we need to have many features if that feature will slow down the speed of the script?? from my point of view better to Waiving out some features in order to obtain speed.

Thank you again , and hope we can see an improvement of speed very soon smile

Bader AlNadabi

"The Simple Life always walks smoothly, so to make your life smooth, keep every things simple in your life"