I have a feeling they can, but before I go and get all excited about it, I wanted to double check...

Here is what I am thinking I want to do...

In my forums, there is a section for Campgrounds In PA...

Under each section(NorthEast, SouthEast, etc) campgrounds that advertise with us get a free sub forum (sub forum for sake of not getting way too long)

What I would like to do is set up an RSS Feed for each of them independently, and send to their webmaster to add to their page with a caption that says, JOIN US ON CAMPINGPA.COM, Here is what we are discussing right now (or something like that)...

And have the last 10 posts show up on there page, with a link back to their forums... Good to get their specific visitors invited to our site (good for me) and good to let the owners and their visitors see what people are discussing, (good for them)

What are your thoughts?
Easy enough to do ?
Is there a limit on how many RSS feeds I can create?

Any help would be awesome !


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