A few years ago, Rick started a hosting company called Mindraven. At least some of us started hosting with Mindraven, and I also registered several domains. Then Rick sold it off, and I moved to a different dedicated server with Rick's assistance. I left the registrations with Mindraven (my primary site is registered elsewhere). The domains with Mindraven are mostly placeholders that forward to my primary, and some of them are sites that are pretty much inactive, but legitimate nonetheless. All of the registrations in the account are set to auto-renew.

Yesterday, I came to the realization that two of the domains have now EXPIRED, with no notification whatsoever from Mindraven. I also found that the nameservers for ALL of the registered domains have been blanked.

I immediately submitted a ticket, and the only response I have received, in over 24 hours, is:

Originally Posted by Gus Delgado
Looking into this. I will get back to you with our findings.


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Is anyone still doing business with Mindraven, and is this how it is being run now?


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