Your RSS feeds can be validated @

Running your feed through the validator looks like where "generator" is expecting the name of the software which created the feed, it's actually receiving the website name and the software -- in UBBT's case, the forum title string ( {$config.COMMUNITY_TITLE} ).

solution 1:
Remove the "&" symbol from your site title. Replace with with "&" or "and", to make your title string "HTML Friendly"

solution 2:
The entire <generator>blah blah</generator> is completely optional and only necessary for tracking purposes. It can be removed entirely.

Find and remove the following line from templates/myfeeds.tpl

Find and remove the following line from templates/rss_xml.tpl
		<generator>{$config.COMMUNITY_TITLE} - UBB.threads(tm)</generator>

Using any "generator" tags -- even without with version numbers -- in web code, can make it easier for an attacker to search out exploits to use if he wanted to breach your website's security.


UBBT BUG: The "{$config.COMMUNITY_TITLE}" string should not even be in the generator meta field, because it is not a generator, it is a title.

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