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Really, all you'd need to do is call the CSS classes for your header design; the easiest place to see them all would be to view the source of the stylesheet you're using.

I don't believe that you can call variables in the header, it's definitely something you'd have to fiddle with yourself. Do you have a header graphic that is different depending on the styles? If so, just make an "extra css" for the cell that your image is in, then change it in the styles; or if it's a static image that will not change, just put it in the /images folder and embed it directly.

I wanted to have a table at the very top that has the same properties as the breadcrumb table. Using <table class="t_inner" ...> I got that part to work fine. But it's pointing different graphics per style that isn't working (but JAISP said it worked for him). Weird.