In the category of "How do I" do something, I had a quick question for one of you UBB jocks, which is:

How do I post a piece of colored text in a forum running Version 5.39b with UBB code activated?

While I realize the text will be enclosed between beginning and ending "color" code tags, for some reason, how to code for color is not included in the "how to" instructions for this bulletin board along with instructions for hyperlinking, email links, bold & italics, bullets, lists, etc.

So, I guess my shorter question is, have these instructions been modified to deliberately NOT include "color" or will the properly coded color tags work even as they are not specifically included in this particular forum's "how to use UBB codes" section?

It's an older version, too, I realize, but I wouldn't think red would have been added as a feature in later versions.