Stock Styles From UBB.threads 7.7 Series
Beginning with the UBB.threads 7.7 Series, only the current styles will be included within the main archive.
LOCATION: ... install/styles/

UBB.threads styles - New for 7.7.0
  • UBBT77

New style names to be used as of 2019-01-01

[Linked Image]

If you are currently using a stock style from your original UBB.threads 7.5 series install, it is highly recommended that you update to the matching current style from within the Member Area downloads section, or the most recent UBB.threads archive.

Within the Member Area downloads is a section listing for Style Packs. These Style Packs are already included within the main UBB.threads zip archive. They are also being made available independently with the intention of being useful to forum owners still running UBB.threads 7.5 series forums. Ideally, we'd like those older forums to update to the latest version, but we know that you're staying on that version for your own reasons. These Style Packs are compatible with UBB.threads 7.5 and 7.6. There have been zero adjustments made to them to account for the 7.5 series template bugs (which have since been corrected in 7.6). We want your 7.5.x forum to look modern. So at no extra cost, here they are for you thumbsup

Further reading on UBB.threads Style Packs: