Nothing really has changed in many years about how the attached files are handled, other than image compression, and image orientation via its exif data.

The embedding of post attachments in to the post body is nothing magical.
1/ the current code just takes the URL that would appear in the attachments section, and places it in to the post.
2/ upon display of the post, if there are links inside the post which are matched with attached file links, the attached file links will not be shown. this is done to prevent duplication of the same content on the screen.

Its really not magical at all. "If IMAGE00 is in the post, dont show IMAGE00 in the attachment group."

for example, you can have 10 attachments. embed 2 of them. have the remaining 8 show in the attachment group. it is basically what an article would be; attach all the relevant graphics, such as a lead image. then use 1 or 2 items as examples. and then followup with the attachment-grouping of the rest.


I see that you have hot-linked (posted a direct link) to your attachment directory, and a file within it.

When you bypass the UBB.threads attachments permission system by hot-linking to an attachment, you are hard-coding it in to your post.

Rather than hot-linking directly to the images within the server file system, UBB.threads uses a attachments permission system to control which member groups have permission to see the attachments.

By using the permission system, we can also move the storage directory around to wherever, and still have it function correctly in the post body because we are using the UBB.threads settings to grab the file name and directory. All that would be needed is to update UBB.threads's attachment storage directory path in the control panel.

Use .htaccess to secure your directory against hot-linking. But if you have several posts where you've already hot-linked to your files, those links will be blocked.

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