Apologies Isaac, but as mentioned above, I had problems with importing from 6.5.5 -> 7.3.0. I do not recommend that approach using the currently available import script.

I have good news. Importing from 6.5.5 -> 7.5.6 went well. Forum views are good, post counts are there, usernames are there, PMs are linked to accounts. The only bug I can find is that carriage returns on signatures did not import (not worth fixing). View permissions need to be reset manually. My admin account sees all forums, but my nonadmin test account sees none.

In short, this will be my journey.
Original Version: 6.2.3
First upgrade to: 6.4.5
Then upgrade to: 6.5.5
Then install and import to: 7.5.6 <-- I am here
Then upgrade to: 7.7.4

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