What is Inline-Code BBCode?

Inline Code
Inline code formatting is used to emphasize a small command or piece of syntax within a line you’re writing.

For example, you may wish to mention php’s phpversion() function. By using inline code formatting, it is clear that this is a piece of code. You might also use it to illustrate a terminal command, like dir /on. You could also use this to highlight menu guidance such as Control Panel > Members > Add New Member.

To use inline code formatting, simply wrap the code you wish to format as shown in the code body below.


This new BBCode puts the contained bits in between the <code></code> HTML, and is styled with the .bbcode CSS class.

Inline code in the standard editor menu option & styling its container:

The inline code menu option is currently in the standard editor code dropdown ("#"):
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Properties for the container that styles inline code:
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