UBB.classicâ„¢ version 6.3.1 Beta Release 1.0 has been released to the Member Area.

UBB.classicâ„¢ 6.3.1 Beta Release 1.0 is a test version that adds the following new features:
  • Mass Move - allows you to move many topics from one or more forums into another forum
  • New Control Panel layout - matches current infopop.com look & feel
  • Control Panel Wordlets - the entire control panel has now been converted to use Wordlets, allowing easy translation
  • Updated Wordlet editor - now uses pages for faster loading
  • Updated Control Panel Entry - now includes more information & quick links to common functions
  • Editable FAQ - the board FAQ can now be edited from the control panel
  • Jump to New Posts link - Located at the top of each topic - when clicked, it takes users to the posts in that topic that were made after their last visit to the board. Also known as the "blue arrow"
  • "Topic moved" icon - indicates if a topic was moved rather than closed
  • "Report Post" link - allows users to mail the forum moderator and board administrator about a post he or she feels is inappropriate
  • Mail topic starter on move - Administrators and Moderators now have the option of mailing the topic starter when his or her topic is moved
  • New email preference for users - if toggled on by the board administration, users may now have a mailing form presented rather than their email address. Only registered members may mail others using the mail form.
  • Admin reserved login & public names - both full and partial names may now be reserved using the Registration Settings area of the control panel
  • Optional removal of Instant UBBCodeâ„¢ / Graemlin links from the posting template - the admin may now disable the Instant UBBCodeâ„¢ and Instant Graemlin links on the topic/reply/edit/private message forms. This option only disables the links, not the UBBCode or Graemlin features themselves.
  • Updated JC Template set
  • Misc. other changes and improvements

UBB.classicâ„¢ 6.3.1 Beta Release 1.0 fixes the following bugs that were present in previous releases:
  • Initial setup mail settings often assumed the wrong mail type (SMTP vs sendmail)
  • Fields that are "required" now no longer accept the non-breaking space character alone to bypass the requirement
  • SMTP on NT mail timeouts when sending private messages should no longer occur
  • Recent Visitors no longer records visits to forums that are "Off"
  • Recent Visitors no longer records unregistered users attempts to visit private forums
  • Error messages from private forums regarding login issues now always use the selected transition style template
  • Users are now no longer erroneously logged out after certain profile changes
  • Avatar page links no longer cause one avatar to not be selectable
  • Poll results once again tweaked for accuracy
  • Other minor bugs & quirks
  • Misc HTML improvements & fixes

Please note that we no longer include a separate set of documentation with the release zips. You should download and read the installation instructions from the UBB.classicâ„¢ support area before attempting to install this release. You can find the instructions at this URL:

In the Member Area you will find many download options to fit your needs including:
Complete Installation
  • Full download, including all of the avatars and the JC Template set
  • Smaller download, including only a subset of avatars and no alternate templates

Upgrade version
  • Full download, including all of the avatars and the JC Template set
  • Smaller download, including only a subset of avatars and no alternate templates

A separate download for the JC Template set and the two avatar packages

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