7.1 Feature: Modified the Online table to store User Agent and Referer Variable. Changed the template to add a mouseover to each online visitor that will show both of these to Administrators and Moderators when viewing who's online. This will allow us to alter the stats to show roughly how man search bots are online as opposed to regular visitors.
7.1 Feature: Added a table to store a list of Agent Strings that Search Engines use when visiting the forum. Modified the Detailed Who's Online page to identify Search Engine Bots when viewing the list of Anonymous Users currently online using this list.
7.1 Feature: Added a new section to the General Display Options section in the Control Panel for "Who's Online". Added an editor for the list of Agent Strings for Search Engines into this new section.
7.1 Feature: Added a new Custom Title field. Old Titles are strictly Post Count Based. The new Custom Title field can be turned on/off on a per group basis. If a group has permission to change their Custom Title it will be part of their standard profile. Admins can assign Custom Titles to individual users even if the user doesn't have permission.
7.1 Feature Change: Modified the edit script to allow admins and moderators to choose to not "mark post as edited" when modifying a post made by another user.
7.1 Change: Converted both the ONLINE and TOPIC_VIEWS to a memory(heap) table. Both of these tables store temporary data and are updated frequently, so this will offer a bit of a performance increase on busy sites.
7.1 Change: Moved all portal box language strings into a single language file. Altered all of the cache builders to convert the language strings when displayed instead of storing the converted string in the cache. This was a necessary change that will allow us to bring back user selectable languages with a bit more work.
7.1 Change: Added a new field to the user_profile table to store the user selectable language. Modified the main ubbthreads.php to load the user selected language files. Also modified the language editor in the control panel so the admin can check which languages the user can choose from.
7.1 Feature: Finished with all modifications to bring back user selectable languages.
7.1 Feature: Added in a config option to show the actual total # of new topics/posts on the main forum listing and also the total # of new replies when viewing a list of topics. Added a new CSS property to set the text properties of these totals when they are being displayed.
7.1 Feature: Added a set of images in the control panel for user selectable moods. Added the user's current mood next to their username in the header. Clicking on the mood allows the user to change their mood.
7.1 Feature: Modified showflat/showthreaded to show if a user is currently online when viewing their post. If a user is online it will show the user's current mood.
7.1 Update: Finished with a basic GD image class that will be used for CAPTCHA. Still need to add an ImageMagick class for those users that cannot use GD.
7.1 Feature: Added mood indicators to the who's online screen.
7.1 Feature: Added in an option to change the sort order when viewing a forum. This is on the postlist screen in the 'Display Options' area.
7.1 Feature Change: When deleting a post that has replies, any replies will now be attached to the deleted post's parent. This way the post can be deleted completely without the need to have it just renamed to "Post deleted by username". Modified the admin function to delete a user and all of their posts to do the same thing.
7.1 Feature: Added an option to auto delete a pointer to a moved topic after a certain # of days.
7.1 Code Change: Added a trigger.inc.php library into the libs directory. This will hold any code that is triggered by some other action, such as updating view counters, auto expiring moved topic pointers, etc.
7.1 Feature: Added in a Control Panel option to set a MAX_DELETE_TIME. This will allow admins to designate how long after a post is made that it may be deleted.
7.1 Feature Change: Modified the calendar so you can add events in the past. Also changed it so it will now show old events.
7.1 Feature Change: Added the ability to set expiring Bans on users. This will allow a user to be banned for 1 day up to 2 years that will auto-expire. When a user tries to login while banned, they will see when the ban will expire, if an expiration is set, along with a reason for the ban.
7.1 Feature: Added in an option to specify a reason for editing a post.
7.1 Feature: Added an option to the Admin's "My Preferences" to allow them to choose if they want to recieve emails when a user uses the Notify Post option.
7.1 Feature: Added an option in the user's preferences so they can choose to enable/disable relative timestamps (5 minutes ago, Yesterday @ 2:00, etc). Also added a config option for the admin to specify the forum default for this.
7.0.2 Upgrade Change: Modified the upgrade script to allow for new config options to be added with a default value.
7.1 Feature:; Added a config option into the Advanced Primary Settings to allow an admin to specify an SMTP server that mail should be sent through if they can't do this by editing the php.ini file.
color:green]7.1 Feature Change:[/color] Totally reworked the Active Topics feature. Removed this from being processed by the search engine. Now has it's own dedicated script and template. Formatting changed and will now also show a preview of the body.
7.1 Feature Change: When viewing a post or private message made by an ignored user you will have the option to show the post without the need to unignore the user first. Shoutbox posts made by ignored users will be replaced with the text "***Ignored User***"
7.1 Feature: Added some javascript to prevent double clicking when submitting a post.
7.1 Update: Finished with the libraries for generating CAPTCHA images in both GD2 and ImageMagick. Fonts and Backgrounds will be customizable just by uploading into the fonts or backgrounds directory. Still need to actually implement this, but the hard work is finished. **NOTE** We won't be supporting GD1, since we have a minimum PHP version of 4.3, GD2 should be installed as well.
7.1 Feature: Finished with CAPTCHA verification for user registrations. Options to enable/disable in the control panel along with an option to use GD2 or Imagemagick (depending on which is available) for the image generation. Uses some AJAX to make sure the image creation script can't be called directly for flooding purposes.
7.1 Feature: Added an option for CAPTCHA verification for guest posting on forums. When turned on in conjuction with allowing guests to post on a particular forum, it will appear on the newtopic/newreply screens as well as the quick reply area.
7.1 Feature: When moving a topic, added in an option to merge the topic with another topic by specifying a post id within the topic. You can leave a pointer that will auto-expire, just like when you move a topic. Will be adding to the moving a post & replies as well.
7.1 Feature: When moving a post and it's replies, you now have the option to merge them with an existing topic.
7.1 Change: Modified the styles so code/php/quote tags will overflow properly in Internet Explorer.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a problem with one of the language strings being overwritten on the search page.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a problem with the database backup tool where it wasn't appending the backup files properly.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a bug with certain characters not displaying properly in post previews.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a broken image on the forum image selection screen.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a bug when moving a post & it's replies where it wasn't retaining the post icon.
7.1 Bug Fix: Changed a few remaining references to FULL_URL over to BASE_URL.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a typo that was causing the private message participant limit to not work.
7.1 Change: Added better error handling when a connection could not be made to the MySQL Server.
7.1 Bug Fix: Moved a couple of strings from the logout script into the language files.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that wasn't setting email notification properly on a watched topic that the user started.
7.1 Bug Fix: Added the missing link to Advanced Search Tips on the search page.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a Javascript error when a PM participant was over their limit.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing inline images from being displayed in threaded mode.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a date format when using the G:i format.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a breadcrumb problem where it wasn't showing the board when editing a post.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a duplicate language string issue in the myhome.php language file.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a subforum issue where people could see the last post title on a forum they couldn't access.
7.1 Change: After editing one of your watch lists you'll be returned to the watch list itself instead of the edit screen.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where author name wasn't being displayed properly on watched forums/topics.
7.1 Bug Fix: Fixed a style issue with the error message that was presented when trying to access a non-existing script.