New Features

Feature: Modified all gallery posts, so when viewing a picture it will give you the ubbcode for the thumbnail, medium and full sized images in the Post Description area. Also now displaying the size and dimensions of the full sized image.
Feature: Modified the image/file manager to display the max allowed size of images of files.
Feature: Added the online/offline indicator to the profile pages.
Feature: When editing forum permissions, you will now be able to see what the max attachment size is set to in php.ini and you will not be able to set a value higher than this for File or Gallery attachments.
Feature: Added Page Jumpers to the bottom of individual private messages when they are multiple pages long.
Feature: Added the option for admins to make it so users would be added to the Users group when reaching a certain post count. Previously, this was only available on custom groups.
Feature: When clicking the Use link on Saved Queries, it will now copy the saved description into the Description text box as well.
Feature: When a user changes their email in their profile a verification email will be sent to the new address. The account email will not be changed until the user clicks on the verification email.
Feature: Added blaaskaak's mod that allows you to search for users on the showmembers page, with a slight modification. Instead of just being able to search for users that start with a certain string, it will search for users that have the string anywhere in their username.
Feature: Added a new Mass Permission Copy page. This allows you to copy the permissions for a single forum to multiple specified forums in one step.
Feature: Added another default island to show the Top Posters in the Last 30 days in addition to the one that shows over all time.
Feature: On the Custom Islands Screen, it is now possible to add additional Custom Islands. So the limit is no longer 10 Custom Islands, it's unlimited.
Feature: The Permission to Delete any posts and Delete Topics have been split up. So Admins will now be able to specify that some moderators will be able to delete posts but not entire topics. The default permission for DELETE TOPICS will be the same as the current DELETE POSTS setting for each group upon upgrade.
Feature: Added a new option under Feature settings for setting the maximum width for images using the [img] tag. This uses browser scaling, as a quick way to keep large sized images from distorting the layout. Leaving this option empty will leave the images untouched so they display as they currently do.
Feature: Added blaaskaak's mod for a Today's Birthday Portal Island. Under Portal Settings there is an option to only include users online within a certain number of days. Added some extra code so this island is only rebuilt at the beginning of each day under normal conditions. It will also rebuild when a new user registers or somebody changes their profile.
Feature: Added a "Featured Member" portal island. This rebuilds every hour and selects a random member out of the database that isn't banned. Under Portal Settings there is an option to only include users that have been active in the last certain number of days.

Feature Changes

Change: Permission to view Active Topics are no longer linked to being able to Search. So the Active Topics menu will be available to all as it was originally intended
Change: The New User Island will no longer contain banned users.
Change: Modified the header so the common.css file is loaded first and then the specfic stylesheet is loaded after so it cascades properly.
Change: Modified the gallery code to allow for the .jpeg extension in addition to just .jpg
Change: Clicking on a gallery image will now always take you to the image, even if there are new comments for that image. Clicking on the "Comments" link will still take you to the newest comment.
Change: All references of "Login Name" have been changed to "Username". This was done due to the fact that in some places we referred to "Username", some "Login Name". Since Username is the more common word in applications, we went with it.
Change: When the forum is initially loaded, it will check the HTTP_HOST and protocol being used. By default, if this doesn't match the FULL_URL it will redirect the user. There is an option to force the FULL_URL to the current URL the user is accessing the forum from.
Change: When an attached image is shown inline with the post it will no longer show the (XX downloads) next to the inline image.
Change: Modified the sort order on the RSS Control Panel screen so it sorts similar to the Forum Summary.
Change: When Age Verification is enabled on the registration screen, this will be populated into the User's Birthday Field. They will also get the choice to choose to show their birthday in their profile while registering.
Change: Added the gallery directory and sub-directories to the Permission Check screen in the Control Panel.

Bug Fixes

BugFix: Moderators were able to reply to any locked topic. Changed this so locked topics can only be replied to by those that have permission to lock/unlock topics for that forum.
BugFix: Fixed an issue with the flood control settings not behaving properly for logged in users.
BugFix: When Quick Quoting an Anonymous post the display name was being changed to the placeholder user ** DONOTDELETE **
BugFix: Put in some code checks to prevent duplicate moderator entries.
BugFix: Fixed a SQL query error if a user didn't have anything selected for Topics Per Page.
BugFix: Fixed a bug with the Custom Title length check.
BugFix: Updated a couple scripts that were still doing old style permission checks and were't using the new ones for 7.3.
BugFix: Altered a few SQL queries, so they will no longer result in an error when MySQL is running in Strict mode.
BugFix: Fixed an issue when becoming a user while the board was closed wouldn't allow you to logout.
BugFix: When ordering posts by Username and clicking on next/previous topic, it would result in a SQL error.
BugFix: Fixed an issue with the check for max number of private message recipients.
BugFix: Banned Users were still receiving emails from Watched Forums/Topics/Users.
BugFix: Locking a topic pointer would result in a broken topic pointer.
BugFix: Users were able to ignore Global Moderators.
BugFix: When a topic is moved and a pointer is left, the pointer will now retain all of the info, such as views, replies and last poster at the time of the move.
BugFix: When editing a user's homepage from the Admin Control Panel, it would add an extra http:// at the beginning.
BugFix: When using the group manager it was possible to delete a group even when it had users in it that belonged to no other group. This is no longer possible.
BugFix: When using the group manager it was possible to delete a group that was part of your default user groups. This is no longer possible.
BugFix: When uploading a file or photo that exceeded the max upload size set in php.ini it would appear to upload even though it wouldn't. The user will now get an error stating the file or photo is too large.
BugFix: When editing a single language file, you will now be properly returned to the editor when submitting your changes. When editing a language file after searching for a particular word, you will be properly returned to the search results after submitting your changes.
BugFix: Saved SQL queries will now display line breaks properly in both the saved query list, and the text area when using the saved query.
BugFix: When deleting a user and his posts it will now trigger the rebuild of all forum summary data.
BugFix: Under certain poll settings, users could vote on polls before the poll has actually started.
BugFix: It was possible for an admin to wipe out some config settings if they accidentaly went to an update page in their browser history. Added a 'valid_post' variable to all control panel forms, checking for it's existence before updating to prevent this.
BugFix: User Name Colors were not showing on the User List page.
BugFix: Fixed a bug when notification emails were sent out for post approval on fully moderated forums.
BugFix: User Name Colors where not showing in the New Members Island.
BugFix: If a poll has an ending date, and you voted in the poll, you could no longer see the end date. We now display the end date, if there is one, at the bottom of the poll results.
BugFix: Changed a variety of language files to fix grammatical errors, typos, strings no longer needed, etc.
BugFix: Fixed a layout issue with the pagination numbers when viewing the list of a user's posts.
BugFix: When editing a private event, the Type field would default to Public.
BugFix: The breadcrumbs were incomplete on the Notify Post screen.
BugFix: Fixed a few templates that had hardcoded language strings in them instead of pulling from the language files.
BugFix: Fixed a javascript issue when clicking on the Check all button multiple times on the private message screen.
BugFix: Check/Uncheck All was not working properly on the Buddies page.
BugFix: Values for Hide from Who's Online on the registration screen were actually reversed.
BugFix: Fixed a path issue with the default Blank forum image when creating a new forum.
BugFix: On some installs, the days,weeks,months,years dropdown was empty on the admin and referer log screen.
BugFix: If the "Flat or Threaded" option was a required field on the registration screen, it wouldn't show and user's could not register due to all fields not being filled in.
BugFix: If the forum was set to "Threaded" mode, but the user elected "Flat", they would still get redirected to "Threaded" mode when clicking on the last post on the forum summary page.
BugFix: Language file entries associated with a lower case array key would be dropped when using the Language Editor in the Control Panel.
BugFix: htmlentities() was still being used in some of the control panel scripts, namely the Custom Island Editors. This would essentially break multi-byte strings when trying to edit Custom Islands.
BugFix: Fixed some logic issues in the permission system. The bug was causing issues such as admins needing to have their posts approved on fully moderated forums even if they were not supposed to.
BugFix: Graemlin shortcuts that contained either < or > would not work properly.
BugFix: It was not possible to logout without accepting the Board Rules.
BugFix: When in threaded mode and clicking on a topic with unread posts, it will now properly take you to the first unread post, instead of just the first post.
BugFix: Fixed a few duplicate FAQ entries.
BugFix: Search Engine Friendly URLs and UTF-8 encoding were not playing nicely together, leaving some multibyte characters a mess. Added some exceptions to the make_ubb_url function to handle UTF-8 encoding.
BugFix: Modified the user_color() function to play nicely with multibyte charsets.
BugFix: Modified the the shoutbox to properly wordwrap multibyte strings.
BugFix: Fixed a few scripts that would result in SQL errors if users didn't have default settings for things like Topics Per Page.
BugFix: If a non-logged in user tried to go to the MyBuddies page, it would result in a sql error instead of an Access Denied error.
BugFix: When sending a PM to a user who was over their private topic limit, it would just drop them from the recipients instead of giving an error message.

General Updates

Update: Updated the PHPMailer library 2.0.2.
Update: Updated the Smarty library to 2.6.19.