BUGFIX: Some admin scripts wouldn't allow submitting due to lack of a security variable.
BUGFIX: Moderators could put anything in their custom title without restrictions including HTML. This has been disabled.
BUGFIX: The offline/online indictor on the profile status page would only show their current mood, not their current online/offline status.
BUGFIX: Fixed a SQL error with long agent strings in the ONLINE table.
BUGFIX: Fixed an XHTML compliancy issue with the Featured Member island.
BUGFIX: Fixed the issue with avatars not showing on the Featured Member island.
BUGFIX: Re-fixed the issue with multi-byte character strings breaking when wordwrapped in the shoutbox and the recent topic/post islands.
BUGFIX: Edit a subscription wouldn't allow for selecting the day the subscription ends.
BUGFIX: The Style Chooser in the footer was missing the Default Style selection.

CHANGE: Increased the Positions available for islands on the Portal Layout page from 10 to 100.
CHANGE: Added some text to the Can set a Custom Title Permission. This permission actually limits the # of characters in their custom title.
CHANGE: When a global moderator is added, they are added to the Moderators group as well as their Global Moderators group.
CHANGE: When the forum is closed it will now display the reason for being closed to admins as well.
CHANGE: When viewing a user's admin moderator permissions in the control panel the list of forums wouldn't show in the proper order.